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ZLYC Series Efficient Vacuum Oil Purifier


Vocuum oil purifier is designed according to the principle of different boiling points of water and oil. It is composed of vacuum heating tank, fine filter, condenser, primary filter, water tank, vacuum pump, oil drain pump and electrical cabinet. Thevacuum pump draws out the air in the vacuum tank to form a vacuum. Under the action of atmospheric pressure, the external oil enters the primary filter through the inlet pipe to remove large particles, and then enters the heatingtank. After heating, the oil at 40 ~ 75 ° C passes through the automatic oil float valve, which automatically controls the balance of the oil entering and leaving the vacuum tank. The heated oil is separated into a semi mist bythe rapid rotation of the spray wing. The water in the oil evaporates rapidly into water vapor and is continuously sucked into the condenser by the vacuum pump. The water vapor entering the condenser is cooled and then returnedto the original water for discharge.

ZLYC Series Efficient Vacuum Oil Purifier
Equipment performance

1. Vacuum System: By vacuum tank, vacuum pumps, condensate tanks, fluid tanks, air-filling system. By vacuum tank, vacuum pumps, condensate tanks, fluid tanks, air-filling system.
2. Filtration system: Using three filter,coarse filter inlet to protect the pump and extend the life of the main filter. After the pump has two fine filter, so the oil quickly reach high cleanliness. Using special gradient filter pore glass fiber material thatcan be layered filter particles of different size, which greatly improved the life of the filter. The filter has a perfect structure, which can effectively reduce the surface velocity filter, access to stable filtrationaccuracy.
3. Heating system: Segmented gradual heating surface heat load is small 1.0W / cm2, the oil does not overheat causing deterioration. Oil temperature can be adjusted at 0 ~ 100 ℃, automatic control, and aprotective device, the amount of oil is too low today automatically stop working, to avoid damage caused by dry heater.
4. Automatic control system: The machine uses the frequency, level transmitters, temperature sensors, vacuum degree sensing instrument, such as a series of automatic control instruments of various information acquisitiondevice run by the central processor for processing, automatic control of the whole equipment run and monitor the operational status of equipment. The unit comes with a variety of protective devices (overload, over voltageprotection, phase sequence protection, abnormal operation shutdown protection) to ensure safe operation of equipment.
5. The whole structure: Machine integration bridge structure, reducing the volume. Holistic removable tank, ensure that the ground without oil operations, reduce environmental pollution. There are mobile, fixed, fullyenclosed, vehicle type, and so many models to choose from.


Rated flow(L/min) 25 
Rated pressure(MPa) 0.6
Rated vacuum ≤-0.095
Water content(ppm) 5-30
Air content ≤0.2%
First coarse filtration accuracy(μm) 100
Secondary precision filtration accuracy(μm) 10、20
Third precision filtration accuracy(μm) 3、5
Voltage(V) AC 380V Three-phase power
Motor Power(kw) 18
Weight(kg) 360 
Dimensions(mm) 1250*920*1600 

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