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ZLYC Series Efficient Vacuum Oil Filter Cart

Our vacuum oil filter has many features such as high efficiency oil filtration, low noise, easy to use, safe and reliable, high vacuum, optional filtration accuracy, reliable hydraulic system and customizable intelligent control system, which can meet different users’ needs and challenges.


  1. Oil purifier of turbine oil and transformer.
  2. In addition to water, hydraulic and lubricating oil filter impurities.
  3. Comprehensively improve the cleanliness of hydraulic lubrication system.
  4. Various types of oil regeneration purifier.

• Turbine oil • Hydraulic oil • Lubricants • Insulating oil • Transformer oil • Capacitor oil • Compressor oil

Product Performance

1. Vacuum System

By vacuum tank, vacuum pumps, condensate tanks, fluid tanks, air-filling system.

Optimized structure design, greatly increasing the surface area of the oil in the vacuum system, and maximizing oil travel in a vacuum system. The oil in the water and gas are fully overflowed. This machine adopts advanced defaming system so oil filter at work will not appear similar products widespread phenomenon of injection.

2. Filtration System

Using three filter, coarse filter inlet to protect the pump and extend the life of the main filter. After the pump has two fine filter, so the oil quickly reach high cleanliness. Using special gradient filter pore glass fiber material that can be layered filter particles of different size, which greatly improved the life of the filter. The filter has a perfect structure, which can effectively reduce the surface velocity filter, access to stable filtration accuracy.

3. Heating System

Segmented gradual heating surface heat load is small 1.0W / cm2, the oil does not overheat causing deterioration. Oil temperature can be adjusted at 0 ~ 100 ℃, automatic control, and a protective device, the amount of oil is too low today automatically stop working, to avoid damage caused by dry heater.

4.Automatic Control System

The machine uses the frequency, level transmitters, temperature sensors, vacuum degree sensing instrument, such as a series of automatic control instruments of various information acquisition device run by the central processor for processing, automatic control of the whole equipment run and monitor the operational status of equipment. The unit comes with a variety of protective devices (overload, overvoltage protection, phase sequence protection, abnormal operation shutdown protection) to ensure safe operation of equipment.

5. The Whole Structure

Machine integration bridge structure, reducing the volume. Holistic removable tank, ensure that the ground without oil operations, reduce environmental pollution. There are mobile, fixed, fully enclosed, vehicle type, and so many models to choose from.

Technical Parameters

Rated flow25L/min32L/min50L/min100L/min150L/min200L/min
Rated vacuum≤-0.095
Water content5-30ppm
Air content≤0.2%
First class micron100μm
Second class micron10μm,20μm
Third class micron3μm,5μm
VoltageThree-phase AC380V , 50Hz
Weight( kg)3604706808409601500

Efficient vacuum oil major functions

● dehydration
● degassing
● removal of mechanical impurities

And reproducing apparatus can be connected in parallel:

● In addition to acid
● decolorization
● improve the insulation strength

1. Clear Water

Oil free water and dissolved water by reducing the lubricity, oxidation and formation of the acid leaving the oil deterioration, even if the non-aqueous fluid is exposed to high-temperature oxidation and the formation of organic acids is not easy. The presence of an organic acid compounds cause corrosion. Water accelerate thermal degradation of the oil to produce a pellet or a carbonaceous material. The presence of water also causes the formation of oil polymerization macromolecules. Polymerization of the resulting change in viscosity, clogging of the orifice is generated on the system component wear and harmful in terms of solids. SLYJ efficient vacuum oil purifier can remove 100% of free water and more than 95% of dissolved water.

2. Clear the Air

Efficient vacuum oil purifier can remove 100% of free air and up to 75% of dissolved air, the air at the time the oil is cleared through the vacuum tank. Other gases depending on the cycle time is reduced to trace amounts.

3. Clear the Solid Particles

In order to remove the suspended particulate matter, SLYJ efficient vacuum oil filter to filter out caused by three bearings, pumps and valves in abrasive wear particles. It is also clear that may have accumulated between the valve and the valve sleeve gap and cause electro-hydraulic servo valves instability gripping and silt. In the insulating oil, the level of this filter prevents electrical caused by charged particles bypass effect breakdown.

Filtration Effect


Oil filters with plastic wrap, and packaed by wooden case.

After-Sales Service

1 year warranty (charge for human damaged parts)

Lifetime maintenance and spare parts supply

Customized products designed according to your needs

Free training for your staff on equipment installation and operating procedures

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