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What are Gas Filters Used For?


Gas filter element is a necessary separation and purification equipment element for gas gathering stations, compressor stations, off load stations, pigging stations, terminal stations and various application fields on natural gas gathering and transmissionpipelines and gas transmission pipelines. It can effectively filter the dirt in the pipeline and the debris from the pipe wall, so as to ensure the safe operation of gas transmission and gas equipment, and meet the pipeline transmissionand users’ requirements for gas quality.

Working principle

During the transportation of gas pipeline, gas source impurities and pipeline mechanical impurities will affect the gas transmission quality and damage some metering and pressure regulating equipment on the pipeline. Therefore, gasfiltering equipment shall be installed in front of each receiving and dispatching station or important equipment to ensure the safety of downstream equipment (sometimes it may go through multi-stage filtering). Filter element isalso the main component of these filter equipment, so the selection of filter element directly affects the filtering effect. According to the unique properties of gas, stainless steel metal mesh is selected as the main filter material,and the filter area of the filter element is increased through the wave breaking structure, so as to ensure the good circulation of gas and increase the amount of pollutants. High and low temperature resistant asbestos gasket isused as sealing material to ensure good sealing of some low-temperature gases, such as compressed liquefied petroleum gas. The filter element shall be cleaned or replaced in time according to the change of differential pressureduring use.

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