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What Advantages of Coalescing Separator Filter Element

Coalescing separator is mainly designed for oil-water separation, which contains two kinds of filter elements, i.e. coalescing filter element and separating filter element.

In the oil water removal system, the oil flows into the Coalescing Separator and then flows through the Coalescing Filter Element, which removes the solid impurities and coalesces the very small water droplets into larger water beads.

What Advantages of Coalescing Separator Filter Element 1

Most of the coalescing water droplets can be separated from the oil by their own weight and settled into the water collection tank.

Then the oil flows through the separation cartridge, because the separation cartridge has good hydrophilicity and hydrophobicity, thus further separating the water, clean and water-free oil flows out of the coalescing separator.

Working Principle of Coalescing Filter Element

When the filtering medium flows into the coalescing cartridge, the debris removal layer of the coalescing cartridge carries out high precision filtration of 1~25μm for the medium, and then enters the coalescing layer.

Coalescing layer of water molecules in the media to expand the agglomeration, the formation of larger water droplets, with the effect of gravity off, part of the water droplets because of the impact of the flow rate of further flow to the filter outlet, which requires an oil-water separation cartridge for separation and dehydration.

Performance characteristics of coalescing filter element

1、High filtration precision, large dirt-holding capacity, long service life and high flow density;
2、Special treatment of glass fiber layer, good coalescence effect;
3, complete specification varieties, can meet the needs of various fine filters;
4. The structure and materials meet the requirements of relevant standards.

Working Principle of Separation Filter Element

The separation cartridge is made of Teflon hydrophobic material after special processing. When the oil passes through the separation cartridge, the water droplets are blocked on the outside of the separation cartridge, while the oil can pass through and be discharged from the outlet.

What Advantages of Coalescing Separator Filter Element 4

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