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VELCON Coalescing Cartridges

VELCON coalescing cartridges
VELCON coalescing cartridges are suitable for natural gas pipeline operation, if the cartridge can not effectively filter the solid particles and liquid droplets in the natural gas, the consequences directly affect the safe and reliable operation of the compressor, measuring instruments and gas turbines along the station, which will result in heavy losses.
Where are VELCON coalescing cartridges usually used?
The cartridge is widely used in coal mining, mining, ships, steel and many other industries, and plays an important role, suitable for fuel, petrol, diesel and petroleum tar, liquefied petroleum gas, etc., as well as low-viscosity hydraulic oil, lubricating oil filtration.

VELCON agglomerated cartridge structure composition:
This cartridge adopts the special structure of high density and high gradient, the inner layer has high precision, and so on, layer filtration, long service life, large dirt-holding capacity, flow density is also large, and the effect of agglomeration is also good, which can meet the needs of various filters.

VELCON coalescing cartridges#2

Product features:
The filter element material is agglomerated in layers, so that the tiny liquid droplets gradually increase, thus greatly improving the dewatering capacity and working life of the filter element, and the agglomerated material is made of special multi-layer glass fibre, so that there will be no deformation or fibre shedding even at high flow rate and strong pressure pulsation impact.

Service life:
The service life of a coalescing cartridge depends on a number of factors, including the material of the cartridge, the operating conditions, the nature of the filtration medium and the quality of the liquid being treated. The service life will vary depending on the application and requirements.
In some applications, cartridges may be replaced every few weeks or months, while in others they may be able to last for several years. Therefore, in practical applications, regular inspection and monitoring is required on a case-by-case basis to determine the timing of cartridge replacement and to ensure proper cartridge operation and filtration effectiveness. Generally speaking, when the pressure exceeds the specified value and the needle of the differential pressure gauge points to the red zone, it needs to be replaced.

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