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Vacuum Oil Filter Maintenance Guide

Vacuum oil filter maintenance is critical to ensure that it maintains optimal performance. It is also critical to the quality of the oil produced, so the operator must understand and master some of the techniques of vacuum oil filter maintenance:

1. The operator must be familiar with the use and maintenance of the vacuum pump system, heating thermostat, oil pump and other machinery.

2. The vacuum degree is not up to the requirement after long-term operation, and the vacuum pump oil is emulsified, which should be replaced in time. Please also refer to the instructions of vacuum pump.

3. When the oil inlet is reduced, check whether the net is blocked.

Vacuum Oil Filter Maintenance Guide 2

4. When the pressure gauge is higher than 0.3Mpa, the oil pump will stop automatically. Remove the fine filter element (21), clean and dry it with 90% gasoline, then wrap it with cotton cloth. If the pressure is still higher than 0.3Mpa, the fine filter element should be replaced.

5. It is difficult to start the vacuum pump, which belongs to the oil-filled blockage of the pump body. It can be started continuously or manually reversed many times.

6. Magnetic level alarm. When it does not work, turn on the high oil level check contacts, power control circuit or secondary check whether it is damaged.

7. Aggregate filter used dozens of times, due to clogging can be cleaned and installed with gasoline, can be reused 2-3 times. After the decline in performance, it should be replaced.

8. The thermostat is set at the specified temperature (70℃), the first group of 24kW automatic heating can be realized (two groups of heating are above 50), and manual heating can be started at the same time. After running for a period of time, the oil temperature reaches the set value, automatically shut down, no need to use manual heating, keep the automatic heating can be.

Vacuum Oil Filter Maintenance Guide 1

In addition, the cleaner should be checked on a daily basis. The cleaner of the filter is also particularly important, as it enables the filter to be cleaned better.

The operation steps of electrical parts checking are as follows: Firstly, cut off the power supply to prevent electric shock. Open the panel and check whether the electrical connections of the lines and components are good, especially the plugs and terminals, circuit breakers, fuses and so on. Ensure that the contact of electrical components is free of rust and corrosion, and check whether the contactor ferromagnetism is in accordance with the standard.

Good maintenance practices can slow down equipment aging and reduce unnecessary costs. If you would like to purchase our oil filtration equipment or have any questions, please feel free to contact the Lefilter team.

Vacuum Oil Filter Maintenance Guide 3

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