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Ultra Precision Oil Filter Cart

Ultra Precision Oil Filter Cart

It is a high-performance, easy-to-move oil filter equipment, which can be widely used in the purification treatment of various industrial oils, for filtering various impurities such as transformer oil, machine oil, gear oil, and transmission oil. It helps you achieve a more efficient, safe and reliable treatment.


Ultra-precision oil filter belongs to the most precise oil filter series in the field of oil filtration machine, the filtration precision can reach 1-3um, which can maximize the filtration of impurities in the oil to achieve the requirements of the system Nano level, the filtration precision can be up to NAS1638-3 level of the filter element used in the precision filter element.

  1. Using sophisticated shell coated components to protect equipment from outside contamination, particularly adapted to the use of environmental requirements of the occasion.
  2. There leakage, overload protection shutdown device to protect the motor.
  3. To protect the hydraulic system with overpressure protection device.
  4. There pumping and filtration system installed for convenient dual pumping or filtration.
  5. There filter blockage alarm and shutdown devices.
  6. Independent oil pump, vacuum gauge, pressure gauge and a number of filter cartridges in parallel.
  7. Suction port coarse filter to protect the pump and extend the life of the main filter.
  8. able to carry out continuous oil purification, oil contamination particles and moisture removal, filtration accuracy up NAS1638-3 level.
Ultra Precision Oil Filter Cart 6
Ultra Precision Oil Filter Cart 5
Ultra Precision Oil Filter Cart 7

Technical Parameters

Rated flow(L/min)36912151824
Recommended viscosity(CSt)10-160
Rated pressure (MPa)1.6
Pressure loss (MPa)≤0.25
Pressure difference when filter replacement (MPa)0.8MPa
First class micron(μm)100
Second class micron(μm)NAS1638 Level 3-6
Voltage(V)Three-phase AC380V Two-phase AC220V
Motor Power (kw)


Optional parts include preheater, drip tray, casters, pre-filtering device and so on. Customized and non-standard production can also be provided according to the customer’s oil type, oil viscosity and precision requirements.

Ultra Precision Oil Filter Cart 2
Ultra Precision Oil Filter Cart 1


  1. Filtration of hydraulic lubrication system when refueling;

  2. Hydraulic lubrication system bypass filters at work;

  3. Put into operation before the loop hydraulic lubrication system filters;

  4. Access to the hydraulic lubrication system comprehensively improves the cleanliness of the system.

Ultra Precision Oil Filter Cart 3
Ultra Precision Oil Filter Cart 4

Filtration Effect


Oil filters with plastic wrap, and packaed by wooden case.


After-Sales Service

1 year warranty (charge for human damaged parts)

Lifetime maintenance and spare parts supply

Customized products designed according to your needs

Free training for your staff on equipment installation and operating procedures

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