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Tips for the Maintenance of Hydraulic Oil Filter Element

With the rapid development of the cartridge industry, technicians find that the cartridge becomes more and more important, in many areas the cartridge is playing a role. There are many types of cartridges, including hydraulic oil cartridges are more widely used in industrial oil filtration and purification, today we take you to understand how to correctly use the hydraulic oil cartridge.

1. Drain the original hydraulic oil in advance

First drain the original hydraulic oil, the return filter element, suction filter element, pilot filter element to check to see if there are iron filings, solids or other impurities attached to it, which may lead to the failure of the hydraulic components, the need for overhaul excluded, clean the system. Don’t forget to check the seals. If aging or broken, need to replace the new seal.

Tips for the Maintenance of Hydraulic Oil Filter Element 1

2. Correct replacement of hydraulic oil

Replacement of hydraulic oil must be replaced at the same time all the hydraulic oil filter, otherwise it is equivalent to no change. In addition to identify the hydraulic oil labeling, according to the labeling as well as the different brands to determine the use of hydraulic oil, must not be mixed, may produce a reaction, in the deterioration of certain flocculent. Recommended to use the equipment specified oil.

Tips for the Maintenance of Hydraulic Oil Filter Element 2

3. Correct refueling

Before refueling must be installed on the suction filter element, suction filter element covered by the mouth of the pipe is directly to the main pump, into the impurities will not only accelerate the wear and tear of the main pump, there will be a phenomenon of downtime. There are oil level meter and liquid level meter on the oil tank, refueling to the standard position. Finally make sure all screws are tightened. Enable the system to check the oil pressure and leakage.

Many people will take the filtering accuracy of the cartridge and the service life of the cartridge as the standard for judging the performance of a cartridge. Is this really the case? Of course not. A large part comes from the quality of the cartridge itself, but more importantly, it comes from the care and maintenance of the cartridge, so that the cartridge can work properly and the service life will be extended. If you would like to purchase our oil filtration equipment or have any questions, please feel free to contact the Lefilter team.

Tips for the Maintenance of Hydraulic Oil Filter Element 3

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