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The Function and Working Principle of the Coalescing Filter Element

Working principle of coalesced filter element: In the oil de-watering system, after the oil flows into the coalesced separator, it first flows through the coalesced filter element, which removes solid impurities and agglomerates the very small water droplets into larger water beads. Most of the aggregated water droplets can be removed from the oil by its own weight and settled into the lower water collecting tank.

The working process is as follows:
Breaking the emulsion to beat the cell – Interception – Impact – Affinity – Cohesion – Adsorption – Floating -Adsorption – floating affinity: the inner surface of the oil droplets affinity together, under the action of specific gravity directly floating separation. Cohesion: small particles of oil suspended in the oleophilic filter material under the action of agglomeration into large oil beads. Adsorption: large oil beads are continuously captured by the adsorption layer designed in the outer layer of the filter element to prevent secondary carry away. Floating: under the effect of liquid homophilicity, the oil with increased specific gravity floats up quickly to achieve liquid-liquid separation. Filter element structure: The filter element is inward and outward, consisting of emulsion-breaking layer, agglomeration layer and adsorption affinity layer.

The Function and Working Principle of the Coalescing Filter Element

The coalesced cartridge is specially treated glass fibre and other coalesced materials as media, which can agglomerate the tiny water droplets dispersed in the turbine oil into larger water beads, and the coalesced water beads will sink to the lower water tank under the action of gravity and the impact of the flow direction of the oil, and will be discharged from the water discharge valve. The separation cartridge is composed of special chemically treated stainless steel mesh, which has good oleophilic and hydrophobic properties, allowing the oil to pass through smoothly while effectively preventing the water droplets from passing through to achieve effective dewatering effect. Coalesced separation cartridge is not subjected to serious physical or chemical damage, it can be used for a long time without replacement, thus greatly reducing operating costs, which is a unique feature of the application of coalesced separation technology 100LG-75/1.0 Filter Separator Cartridge

The coalesced filter element has the dual functions of filtering impurities from aviation paraffin and agglomerating water, and is an important functional element of the fine filter. It can meet the needs of various fine filters used in fixed mobile refuelling facilities.

  1. With multi-layer composite structure of filter paper, the filtration precision is high;.
  2. The carefully set and specially treated glass fibre layer has good aggregation effect.
  3. High flow density and reduced fine filter size.
  4. Large dirt-holding capacity and long service life.
  5. Lomplete specification varieties, can meet the needs of various fine filters.

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