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TF Series Self-sealing Oil Suction Filter Outside The Box


The filter is installed at the suction port of the oil pump to protect the oil pump and other hydraulic components to avoid inhalation of impurities, effectively control the pollution of the hydraulic system, and improve the cleanliness of the hydraulic system.
The filter can be directly installed on the side, top or bottom of the fuel tank, the oil absorption cylinder is immersed under the liquid level gauge in the fuel tank, and the filter head is exposed outside the fuel tank, and it is equipped with a self-sealing valve, a bypass valve, and the filter element is polluted to increase the plug The communication device and other devices prevent the oil in the oil tank from flowing out when replacing and cleaning the filter element. This product has the advantages of novel design, convenient installation, large oil flow capacity, small resistance, and convenient cleaning or replacement of the filter element.

Performance and Features

The water enters the filter from the water inlet, first passes through the coarse filter element assembly to filter out larger particles of impurities, and then reaches the fine filter screen, after filtering out fine particles of impurities through the fine filter screen, the clean water is discharged from the water outlet.
During the filtering process, the impurities in the inner layer of the fine filter gradually accumulate, and a pressure difference is formed between the inner and outer sides of the fine filter. When the pressure difference reaches the preset value, the automatic cleaning process will start: the drain valve opens, the hydraulic motor chamber and hydraulic cylinder of the main pipe assembly release the pressure and discharge the water; the pressure in the hydraulic motor chamber and the suction pipe drops sharply, due to the load Under the action of pressure, the dirt on the inner wall of the fine filter is sucked through the suction nozzle, flowed into the hydraulic motor chamber by the hydraulic motor, and discharged by the sewage valve, forming a sewage suction process. When the water flows through the hydraulic motor, it drives the sewage suction pipe to rotate, and the hydraulic cylinder piston drives the sewage suction pipe to move axially. The sewage suction device assembly completely cleans the entire inner surface of the filter screen through the combination of axial movement and rotational movement. The whole cleaning process will last tens of seconds. The blowdown valve closes at the end of the wash, the increased water pressure returns the cylinder piston to its initial position and the filter begins preparing for the next flush cycle. During the cleaning process, the normal filtering work of the filter is uninterrupted.

Connection Size

1. Tube type (thread connection of oil outlet)

2. Flange type (flange connection of oil outlet)

TF Series Self-sealing Oil Suction Filter Outside The Box#4

Table I、 TF-25 ~ 160 threaded connection size

TF Series Self-sealing Oil Suction Filter Outside The Box#5

Table II、TF-250~800 flange connection size

Product Details

TF Series Self-sealing Oil Suction Filter Outside The Box#7

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