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Lefilter Services

Our Range of Services is All-Inclusive

We provide all-inclusive expert support for your individual needs to suit the features and requirements of different industries.

Our goal is to help our customers reduce maintenance costs and downtime while extending the life of their equipment.

An expert team of R&D engineers and after-sales service engineers provide professional maintenance and troubleshooting technical support (online or by phone).

Our convenient operation videos and operating manuals make it easy for customers to find what they need and use our products with confidence.

Our Services

3000 (12)

Project Design

According to the actual production environment and requirements of customers, we assist you in selecting equipment and designing the production process.

24-hour Response

We value every inquiry sent to us and ensure a quick and competitive quote within 24 hours.

Technical Support

From pre-sales consultation, to after-sales upgrade, including information update, to get the most suitable technical support.

After-sales Service

We work hard to deepen our relationship with our customers to support their evolving needs.

Complete Documentation

All necessary documents will be provided.

Great Reasons to Choose Lefilter

Quality You Can Depend On

Advanced design and performance provide the ultimate protection.

Design & Quality Testing

Our filters and filter media have higher dirt holding capacity and contaminant removal efficiency than the competition and have been proven in the harshest operating environments by thousands of customers worldwide.


With our powerful research and development capabilities. Our products are proven through extensive testing in the lab and on the job.

Benefits of Choose Lefilter

Better Performance for Your Hydraulic Systems

Our filters have lower flow limitations and pressure drops than the competition, ensuring your hydraulic system gets the job done time and time again.

Lowers Costs

Your filter is a powerful tool for keeping your equipment running efficiently and making the most of every drop of fuel. We save our customers millions of dollars in fuel costs while reducing our environmental impact.

Easier Maintenance

Every maintenance event is easy thanks to advanced design and a well-established quality management system

Let’s get started

Collaborating with technology-leading filter manufacturers for high-quality, reliable solutions

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