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Separation Cartridge Function and Working Principle

Why use coalescing cartridges?

Agglomeration separation of oil and water means that the jet fuel and the solid particles and water it carries flow into the inside of the agglomeration cartridge from the inlet of the filter separator, the agglomeration cartridge has the two effects of filtering solid particles and agglomeration of water droplets, in which the solid particles are blocked by the filtration layer in the inside of the agglomeration cartridge to realise the separation of solids and liquids; the small droplets of water are aggregated by the emulsion-breaking layer and the agglomeration layer to form large droplets of water, then they are blocked by the separating cartridge in the outside of the cartridge, and settle at the bottom by gravity. After the small water droplets are blocked by the separation cartridge and the agglomerated layer, the large water droplets will be settled at the bottom by gravity, thus realising the separation of oil and water.

Separation Cartridge Function and Working Principle#2

Function of Separation Cartridge?

Separation cartridge is a common liquid filter, the main functions are as follows.
Separation of suspended solids: Separation cartridge can effectively separate fine solid particles, suspended solids and other impurities from the liquid.
Filtering nanoparticles: some advanced separation cartridges can achieve 1-5 nm particles separation and filtration.
Remove microorganisms: bacteria, protozoa, fungi and other microorganisms can be separated to make the water source to achieve the effect of sterilization.
Clear liquid: After filtering by the separation cartridge, the liquid product can be clear and free of impurities.
Sedimentation of solids: the solid impurities filtered out by dense filtration becomes easy to handle sludge sediment.
Purification of liquids: commonly used in the purification of industrial raw material liquid and the deep purification of distilled water.
Flow control: helps to control the flow and flow rate, preventing the system from clogging.
Removal of eye irritants: Ozone can be effectively removed from petroleum refineries, for example.
Separation of particulate pre-turbidity: Provides pre-turbidity for subsequent treatment.

What is the working principle of the separation cartridge?

The working principle of the separation cartridge is mainly through the filtering effect of the filter media to complete the separation.
Liquid with impurities enters through the inlet of the cartridge.
Inside the cartridge there are several layers of filter paper or filter material with different pore sizes, which are filtered one by one from the outside to the inside.
When the filtrate passes through each layer of filter paper, according to the selection of the pore size of the filter paper, the larger impurity particles cannot pass through the current layer of pore size and are isolated on the surface of the filter paper.
The impurities smaller than the pore size of the layer can follow the flow and continue to pass through the inner layer of filter paper filtration.
In this way, after multiple layers of filtration, the outer layer of impurities gathered more and more large, the inner layer of filtration out of the liquid lock is more and more high.
Eventually most of the impurities accumulated in the outer layer of filter paper to form a cake, which can be removed by the cleaning of the filter cartridge.
And the liquid through the inner layer of filter paper has been fully separated from the impurities, become clear out of the filtrate.

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