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Selection Guide: How to Choose the Right Oil Filter

Hydraulic system failure 70% is due to the contamination of the oil caused by the hydraulic system, even if the hydraulic system is installed in the online oil filter, but also can not completely guarantee that the oil will not be contaminated, Lifelite independent research and development of oil filter is the deep degree of purification of the oil treatment.

The application of oil filter is very wide, the right oil filter needs to be used in the right conditions, oil filter is deeply concerned about, the following is an introduction to the selection of oil filter need to pay attention to matters:

Q: How to select the type according to the type of oil?

1, whether the oil is corrosive, corrosive selection need to pay attention to the material of the cartridge, can not directly use carbon steel, stainless steel or carbon steel lining processing is required, all the seals can not be selected commonly used butyl rubber, need to choose corrosion-resistant materials such as fluorine rubber.
2, if the viscosity of the oil is too high, you need to consider the use of high viscosity pumps, consider whether you need to join the heating system.
3, whether the oil is flammable and explosive, if flammable and explosive electrical components need to choose explosion-proof.

Q: How to filter the oil according to the pollutants selection?

1, if only ordinary hydraulic oil or lubricating oil, simply filter out the solid particles in the liquid impurities, the choice of ordinary LYC-A or LYC-B series of oil filters.
2, if you need to remove impurities and dewatering treatment, to see what requirements to be achieved after filtration, and then determine the choice of vacuum oil filter or agglomeration dewatering oil filter.
3、If the precision requirement after filtration is very high, need to reach NAS1638 3-6 grade, need to choose 3R ultra-precision oil filter. If you need to reduce the acid value and improve the resistivity, you need to use regenerative oil filter.

Q: How to choose according to the site conditions?

1, the site needs an hourly processing capacity to determine the flow rate of the oil filter, the flow rate of the oil filter to follow the principle of selecting large and selecting small.
2, the site temperature, to see whether the first cooling or heating treatment of oil, whether the need for explosion-proof treatment, EX II BT4 explosion-proof grade or EX II CT4 explosion-proof grade.
3, the site equipment is indoor or outdoor? Outdoor is recommended to use the box type. The site of the power supply voltage, whether the oil filter needs to be moved, how many meters of head and the size of the caliber of the oil inlet and outlet.

In short, users should choose the right oil filter according to the actual needs, more oil filter selection methods and suggestions, please leave us a message in the form below the article, our sales will contact you.

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