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RF Series Direct Return Oil Return Filter


RF series direct-return oil return filter is used for fine filtration of return oil in hydraulic system, to filter out metal particles produced by component wear in hydraulic system and rubber impurities in seals and other pollutants, so as to keep the oil flowing back into the oil tank clean.

Performance and Features

1. The filter can be installed directly on the fuel tank cover, or it can be installed with a pipe.
2. The filter is equipped with a filter element pollution blockage signaler and a bypass valve to improve the reliability of hydraulic communication. When the filter element is blocked by pollutants or the system liquid temperature is too low, the flow pulsation and other factors cause the oil inlet pressure to be 0.35Mpa. , the transmitter will send out a signal to indicate that the filter element should be replaced in time or the temperature should be increased. If the machine cannot be shut down immediately to deal with these obstacles, the bypass valve on the filter element will automatically open (the opening pressure is 0.4Mpa).
3. The filter element is made of glass fiber material, which has the advantages of high filtration accuracy, large oil passage capacity, small original pressure loss, and large dirt holding capacity. The filtration accuracy is calibrated by absolute filtration accuracy, and the filtration ratio β3, 5, 10, 20≥200 Filtration efficiency n≥99.5% conforms to ISO standard.

Technical parameter
RF Series Direct Return Oil Return Filter#2
Connection Size
RF Series Direct Return Oil Return Filter#3
RF Series Direct Return Oil Return Filter#4
Product Details
RF Series Direct Return Oil Return Filter#5
LYC-B Series High-Precision Oil Filter#5

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