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Replacement Velcon Coalescer Elements I-656c5-Tb for Aviation Filtration

Material: Coalescing Natural Gas Filter
Application: Industry, Food and Beverage, Medicine, Textile
Type: Coalescing Gas Filter
Filter Connector: Flat Connector
Filtration Grade: Medium Filter
Activated Carbon Filter Type: Coalescing Natural Gas Filter

Replacement Velcon Coalescer Elements I-656c5-Tb for Aviation Filtration 1
Replacement Velcon Coalescer Elements I-656c5-Tb for Aviation Filtration 2

Product Description:
When using fuels or other fluids, it is essential that they are free from particulate contamination and free water.If the fluid does not meet the required cleanliness standards , fouling and corrosion of the equipment downstream may occur, leading to expensive maintenance costs and reduced component life . In today’s environment , is also necessary to recover and recycle the waste fluids from the process . A coalescer isa device for separating immiscible liquids or liquids fro a gas stream.

The main features and working principle of the polymeric cartridge are as follows:
1. Use: It is used to remove impurity particles in liquid (such as water), such as sand, silt and other suspended solid materials. Can improve the quality of water.
2. Material: mainly made of polypropylene. Polypropylene has good chemical stability, corrosion resistance and other advantages, suitable for long-term contact with water and other liquids.
3. Structure: The shape is similar to the filter of the cigarette filter, by a number of fine holes or channels composed of three-dimensional mesh structure. Pore size is generally 0.5-10 microns.
4. Working Principle: Raw water from the outside surface into the filter element inside, inside the three-dimensional mesh structure will block larger than the pore size of the impurity particles, so that water molecules can pass through the impurities can not be, to achieve the role of filtration. The filtered water flows out from the internal outlet.
5. Replacement: During the use of the cartridge will gradually accumulate more impurities inside the cartridge, which will increase the difficulty of passing water. It is necessary to replace the cartridge with a new one regularly to ensure the water quality.
So the polymerisation cartridge using its mesh structure filtration effect, can effectively remove the suspended impurities in the water, improve the quality of water, widely used in a variety of water purification systems.

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