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Replacement PALL Coalesced Separator Cartridge LSS2F2H

LSS2F2H is mainly made of surface-treated glass fibre or polyester fibre as the agglomerating medium, and the structure of the filter material is specially designed to provide good agglomerating performance. The filtration accuracy is up to 0.1μm.

Working process:
Emulsified oil into the agglomeration separation oil processor, the first into the interior of the agglomeration filter element, from inside to outside through the filter core, so that the emulsified oil emulsion and micro-droplets according to the sincerity of the large droplets, while filtering particles of pollutants, and then flow to the separation of the filter element. In the process of flowing to the separation cartridge, the larger water droplets sink into the water collection tank by gravity, and the small water droplets flow to the separation cartridge together with the oil. Separation filter element has oleophilic, hydrophobic effect, blocking water through. The small water droplets collide and combine into big water droplets, which sink into the water collecting tank again, thus the oil is dewatered.
Usually the cartridge is made of processed and treated glass fibre and other synthetic materials, and has the dual function of filtration and agglomeration. The outer layer becomes the emulsion-breaking agglomerating layer, playing the role of agglomerating water.

Replacement PALL Coalesced Separator Cartridge LSS2F2H#2

Technical basis:
Oily wastewater treatment is a difficult problem in the filtration and purification industry, and the common methods include air flotation and flocculation, which are not only costly and energy-consuming, but also ineffective and prone to cause secondary pollution. Liquid-liquid aggregation separation technology is a technology that has been in the market for many years, which is suitable for the separation of liquid-liquid substances that are immiscible, less viscous, and have a certain density difference.PALL Aggregate Separation Filter Cartridge LSS2F2H makes use of the different materials with different affinity for different liquids to polymerise the extremely small liquids into a larger one, and separate them with the help of gravity and buoyancy. Not only can it greatly accelerate the speed of settlement and separation, but also can effectively remove the liquid impurities in the emulsified state. Low cost, low energy consumption, no secondary pollution. For example: 50 micron diameter oil beads in the water is very easy to suspend in the water, when the diameter is greater than 200 micron oil beads are easy to float quickly, we can use the principle of polycondensation, the selection of appropriate polycondensation components, the small diameter of the oil beads into large oil beads, to achieve the purpose of effective and rapid oil removal.
Commonly used agglomerating elements are: agglomerating filter element, agglomerating plate and so on.

Features of agglomerated filter element:
1. Using multi-layer composite structure of filter media, accurate control of filtration precision;
2. Increase the use of depth filter media filtration area, large dirt-holding capacity, long service life;
3. The structure of the filter layer is divided into filter layer, emulsion-breaking layer and agglomeration layer, with reasonable structure.
4. Organic and inorganic filter materials and scientific collocation, greatly improving the emulsion breaking and agglomeration effect.
5. The structure and materials meet the requirements of API-1581 and GJB610-88 standards.

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