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Replacement of the Coalescing Separation Cartridge

Agglomerated separation cartridge is a common type of element widely used in the filtration process of liquids and gases. It is based on the principle of coalescence separation, whereby solid-liquid or liquid-liquid mixtures such as suspensions, particles and liquid droplets are separated by the coalescence layer inside the cartridge to achieve filtration and purification effects.
The working principle of agglomerated separation cartridge is to make use of the microscopic pores and surface tension effect of the agglomerated layer. When liquid or gas passes through the cartridge, the pores in the agglomerated layer prevent the passage of large particles or liquid droplets, so that they are captured inside the cartridge. At the same time, the surface tension of the agglomerated layer causes smaller particles or droplets to aggregate within the layer to form larger particles, thus increasing their mass and size and making it easier for them to be captured by the element.

How long is the service life of a polymeric separation element?

The service life of a coalescing separation element depends on a number of factors, including the material of the element, the operating conditions, the nature of the filtration medium and the quality of the liquid being treated. The service life will vary due to different application scenarios and requirements.
In some applications, element may be replaced every few weeks or months, while in others they may be able to last for several years. Therefore, in practice, regular inspection and monitoring is required on a case-by-case basis to determine the timing of element replacement and to ensure proper operation and filtration.

Replacement of the Coalescing Separation Cartridge#2

Replacement of the coalescing separation element

The coalescing separation element needs to be replaced after a period of time to maintain filtration effectiveness and proper system operation. Below are the general steps for replacement of the coalescing element:
Preparation: Ensure that the system is shut down and have the required tools and materials ready, such as a new cartridge, seals, cleaning cloths, etc.

1. Turn off the system
2.Remove the old element
3.Clean the element holder
4.Install new element
5.Check and adjust
6. Start the system
7.Record and Maintenance

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