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Replace Hilco Coalesce Filter Cartridge Hc 645-01-C

Material:Chemical Fiber
Application:Industry, Food and Beverage, Medicine, Textile, Metallurgy
Type:Folding Microporous Filter
Filter Connector:Flat Connector
Filtration Grade:Medium Filter
Activated Carbon Filter Type:Compact
American Hilliard Company (Hilliard) since 1925, Hilliard Company has cooperated with General Electric Company (GE) to become GE’s OEM production plant and the main supplier of GE filtration equipment. Hilliard provides 60% of the filtration equipment required for GE products. GE produces gas turbines, steam turbines, water turbines, generators, air compressors and other supporting oil, water, steam, fuel filtration, separation equipment, oil treatment devices, oil purifiers, etc. These filtering equipment are also suitable for power generation equipment of other manufacturers.
Replace Hilco Coalesce Filter Cartridge Hc 645-01-C 1

The Application range of Hilco oil filter:
Engine, turbine lubricant, compressor lubricant and sealing oil, cooling water, hilco-filter ammonia filter, process water and chemicals, hilco-filter ammonia filter, hilco filter, hilco filter.

Company profile:
Xinxiang Lifeierte Filter Corp.,Ltd (Stock code:837936)is specialized in manufacture of filters ,filter equipment,and environment system . Located in Xinxiang City-the center of Filtration in China.Lefilter has superior R & D team, professional technical team,experienced overseas sales team and perfect after-sales service system.We Lefilter people will try our best to satisfy customers’ requirements.The develop philosophy of LEFILTER is “To purify environment,To serve society,To manage faithfully and To oyrsye excellence”!What’s more,there’re advanced production line,test machine and R & D department.They also obtained certification like ISO9001, IQNet & CQM,SGS,CNEX etc.

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