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Q&A of Gas Filter


Gas filter element is a necessary separation and purification equipment element for gas gathering stations, compressor stations, off load stations, pigging stations, terminal stations and various application fields on natural gas gathering and transmissionpipelines and gas transmission pipelines. It can effectively filter the dirt in the pipeline and the debris from the pipe wall, so as to ensure the safe operation of gas transmission and gas equipment, and meet the pipeline transmissionand users’ requirements for gas quality.

What is the main function of natural gas filter?

Natural gas filters are mainly used for miniaturization in clear natural gas pipelines to ensure the quality and safety of natural gas. Several types of filter elements are usually required:
1. Central filter removed: Main moisture and other liquids removed.
2. Solid particle filter: increased solid particles, such as particles, sand and gravel.

Why do I need to replace the filter element?

The filtering function of the filter element mainly depends on the filter material. Over time, the filter element will become clogged and the filter material will fail to properly filter natural gas. Filter elements need to be replaced when they become excessively clogged to ensure proper functioning and proper pressure of the natural gas.

Natural gas cartridge replacement method

1. turn off the natural gas and switch on/off the valve to prevent gas leakage;
2. open the vent hole to discharge the waste inside;
3. when there is no more dirt inside, open the filter housing (you may need a spanner for this);
4. Remove the original cartridge and replace it with our new one;
5. Apply the appropriate amount of lubricant to the filter housing and fit it in place;
6. Secure the cartridge and check it carefully;
7. When all the above steps are completed, you can switch on the switch.

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