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Portable Oil Filters for Greater Convenience and Flexibility

The Lefilter portable oil filter is equipped with a conversion device, which allows you to choose between two functions.

This oil filter can regularly filter the contaminants in the system, and can also deal with the contamination of the hydraulic system, so as to extend the service life of the hydraulic components and ensure the normal operation of the system.

Portable oil filter performance characteristics

1. Reliable performance, thorough filtration
2. Compact structure, beautiful appearance
3. Easy to maintain, repair and use
4. High precision, wide range of applications
5. Low noise, low maintenance cost

Application areas of portable oil filter

The portable oil filter is mainly used for the maintenance service of hydraulic pump station or for the bypass filtration of hydraulic equipment.
They are specifically used for: hydraulic pump station refueling pre-filtration, hydraulic pump station into operation before the cycle back to the oil filtration, hydraulic pump station in the work of the bypass filtration.
(Note: This filter is not suitable for pumping sediments and sludge).

Use and maintenance

1. When starting, pay attention not to make the pump reverse, causing the oil pump shaft seal blowing out leading to inhalation of air.

2. Portable oil filter in the process of use, the oil pump may inhale air, affecting the oil pump flow, in order to ensure that the flow size, and the normal operation of the filter element, you should open the exhaust valve in time.

3. Portable oil filter after a period of time, because the pollutants clogging the surface of the crude filter so that the oil suction is not smooth, causing excessive noise of the oil pump, should be stopped to clean the filter element.

4. After a period of time, the filter element will be clogged with pollutants, causing the pressure of the filter cartridge to rise to 0.4Mpa, the filter element should be replaced in a timely manner.

5. When filter pressure suddenly drops, you need to promptly check whether the cartridge is punctured.

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