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Polyester Fiber Natural Gas PCHG Filter Element

PCHG has small filtration resistance, large filtration flow, large dirt holding capacity, and long service life. The fiber diameter and gap are adjustable during the production process. The inner layer of the filter element has small micropores and a large outer layer, which increases the flow rate and dirt holding capacity. The filter element is not easy to blockage and extend service life.

Polyester fiber natural gas PCHG filter element # 3

Part number & Size

PCHG-123” / 76mm2.1” / 54mm12” / 305mm
PCHG-243” / 76mm2.1” / 54mm24” / 610mm
PCHG-363” / 76mm2.1” / 54mm36” / 914mm
PCHG-723” / 76mm2.1” / 54mm72” / 1829mm
PCHG-3124.5” / 114mm3.1” / 79mm12” / 305mm
PCHG-3184.5” / 114mm3.1” / 79mm18” / 458mm
PCHG-3244.5” / 114mm3.1” / 79mm24” / 610mm
PCHG-3364.5” / 114mm3.1” / 79mm36” / 914mm
PCHG-3724.5” / 114mm3.1” / 79mm72” / 1829mm
PCHG-5365.5” / 140mm4.25” / 108mm 36” / 914mm
PCHG-5725.5” / 140mm4.25” / 108mm72” / 1829mm


Operational Data:
Recommended Element Change Out: 12 – 14 PSID / .83 – .97 bar.
Maximum Operating Temp:
Polyester: 240º F / 116º C
Polypropylene: 180º F / 82º C
Note: Temps from 200º – 240ºF require a core for 4.5” & 5.5” O.D. filters.
²Micron Ratings: 0.5, 1, 5, 10 SCW=0.3
²Recommended Torque to Seal Filters: 5-10 ft-lbs
NOTE: This Torque should not be exceeded

Mainly used in natural gas purification plants, long-distance pipeline stations, urban gas transmission and distribution pipeline networks, gas power plants, natural gas chemical plants, natural gas gathering and transportation pipelines, gas gathering stations on gas transmission pipelines, gas compressor stations, distribution stations, cleaning Gas purification before measurement of non-corrosive gases in various application areas such as pipe stations, terminal stations, coking plants, iron and steel metallurgical plants, etc.

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