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PLF Series Pressure Pipeline Filter


This series of filters can be installed on pressure pipelines of different pressure levels to further remove or block impurities brought in by the outside world during the work of the components and the chemical action of the medium itself. Especially suitable for automatic control systems and servo systems. It prevents high-precision control components and actuators from premature wear or seizure due to contamination, thereby reducing failure and extending component life.
The filter adopts imported glass fiber filter material, which has the advantages of high filtration precision, strong oil passage capacity, small original pressure loss, and large dirt holding capacity. Filtration accuracy is calibrated by absolute filtration accuracy, and its filtration ratio β3, 5, 10, 20≥200 and filtration efficiency n≥99.5%. Meets ISO standards.

Performance and Characteristics

1. Compared with the same flow filter, the structure is compact and the volume is small.
2. The working pressure range is wide.
3. It is convenient to replace the filter element. According to the installation space, the user can open the upper cover to replace the filter element, or unscrew the casing (drain the oil first) and remove the filter element from below.
4. Easy installation and fixing: If the user has difficulty in installing according to the standard flow direction, he can remove the 4 screws on the cover and turn the cover 180 degrees. This changes the direction of medium flow.
5. The filter is equipped with a bypass valve and a differential pressure signaling device with double protection functions. When the filter element is polluted and clogged to the point where the differential pressure between the inlet and outlet reaches the setting value of the transmitter, the transmitter will send out a signal, and the filter element must be replaced at this time.

PLF Series Pressure Pipeline Filter

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