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PLF Series Pressure Line Filter

PLF Series Pressure Line Filter

Pressure line filters are an essential part of most hydraulic systems, located downstream from the system pump and designed to handle the system pressure and flow rate. They are available in a variety of sizes and types, including the PLF series. Pressure line filters are used to protect hydraulic systems from wear and tear, as well as to reduce the risk of hydraulic system failure.


PLF series filter is of high-pressure type and used in the pressure line of the hydraulic system. It can remove all the contaminants from the hydraulic system. The element of this series is made of glass fiber. it has high efficiency and filtration, large dirt capacity, and low initial pressure drop. The beta ratio is over 200.

It has two pieces of protection equipment which are by-pass valve and contamination indicator. The indicator will act when the pressure drop across the element attains adjustable pressure. The element should be cleaned or changed in time. Compare to other filters, this kind of filter is designed in small size. It can be used in different pressure levels and can be easily installed and the filter element also can be easily changed.

Technical Parameters

modelFlow rate
filtration accuracy
nominal pressure
pressure loss
transmitter power
filter element modelconnection Type
PLF - 30 x *P303
PLF - 60 X *P60LH0060D*BN3HC
PLF - 110x*P110LH0110D*BN3HC
PLF - 160x*P160LH0160D*BN3HC
PLF - 240x*FP240LH0240D*BN3HCflange type
PLF - 330 x*FP330LH0330D*BN3HC
PLF - 500 x*FP500LH0500D*BN3HC
PLF - 660x*FP660LH0660D*BN3HC

Note:*refers to filtration accuracy.If the medium is water-glycol,service pressure is 32MPa,nominal flow rate is 60L/min,filtration accuracy is 10μm,with transmitter,the filter model is PLFOBH-H60x10P,and the filter element model is LH0060D010BN3HC.


Connection Size


1、32MPa pressure pipeline filter

ModelSize (mm)
PLF-H30 x *P23914658453511811469732 - M33 x 22-M10
PLF-H60 X *P25516258453511811469732 - M33 x 22-M10

2、16MPa pressure pipeline filter

ModelSize (mm)
PLF-E30 x *P22313652393511010062732 - M33 x 22-M10
PLF-E60 X *P23915252393511010062732 - M33 x 22-M10

3、6.3MPa pressure pipeline filter

ModelSize (mm)
PLF - C30 X *P2231365239351108856732 - M33 x 22-M10
PLF - C60 x *P2391525239351108856732 - M33 x 22-M10
PLF - C110 x *P3082215239351108856732-M42x22-M10
PLF - C160 X *P2901965939454514011469952-M48x22-M10

II、flange type

1、32MPa pressure pipeline filter

ModelSize (mm)
PLF-H242 x *FP3772736945495079.4 ±0.2511036.5 ±0.2590150140821022-Φ384-M164-M10
PLF-H333 x *FP4002778860638096.8 ±0.2513044.5 ±0.251101901801081462-Φ514-M204-M12
PLF-H500 x *FP4933708860638096.8 ±0.2513044.5 ±0.251101901801081462-Φ514-M204-M12
PLF-H666 x *FP5674448860638096.8 ±0.2513044.5 ±0.251101901801081462-Φ514-M204-M12

2、16MPa pressure pipeline filter

ModelSize (mm)
PLF-E240 x *FP3522546345434569.9 ±0.259435.7 ±0.258214013077952-Φ384-M124-M10
PLF-E330 x *FP3682577655567577.8 ±0.2510242.9 ±0.25961801641001402-Φ514-M124-M12
PLF-E500 x *FP4613507655567577.8 ±0.2510242.9 ±0.25961801641001402-Φ514-M124-M12
PLF-E660 x *FP5354247655567577.8 ±0.2510242.9 ±0.25961801641001402-Φ514-M124-M12

3、6.3MPa pressure pipeline filter

ModelSize (mm)
PLF-C240x*FP3482545945394569.9 ±0.259435.7 ±0.258214011469952-Φ384-M124-M12
PLF-C330x*FP3502496655466577.8 ±0.2510242.9 ±0.2596180144901332-Φ514-M124-M12
PLF-C500x*FP4433426655466577.8 ±0.2510242.9 ±0.2596180144901332-Φ514-M124-M12
PLF-C660x*FP5174166655466577.8 ±0.2510242.9 ±0.2596180144901332-Φ514-M124-M12

Filtration Effect


Oil filters with plastic wrap, and packaed by wooden case.


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