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Peco Facet Ss-5 and St-5 Series Separator Cartridges St644fd-5

Material: Synthetic Mesh or PTFE Coated Screen
Application: Industry
Type: Liquid and Gas Separator
Filter Connector: Flat Connector
Filtration Grade: Medium Filter
Activated Carbon Filter Type: Separator Cartridges

Basic Info.

Peco Facet Ss-5 and St-5 Series Separator Cartridges St644fd-5 1

The filter is installed in the pressure pipeline of the hydraulic system to filter out the mechanical impurities mixed in the hydraulic oil and the gum, leachate, carbon residue, etc. produced by the chemical change of the hydraulic oil itself, so as to prevent the valve spools from jamming, the blockage of the throttle hole slit and damping holes, as well as the occurrence of faults such as the excessive wear of the hydraulic components.
The filter is equipped with a differential pressure signaling device, when the filter element is contaminated and clogged to the point where the differential pressure of the oil outlet is 035MPa, a switching signal will be issued, and the filter element will be replaced at this time, so as to achieve the purpose of protecting the safety of the system.

Peco Facet Ss-5 and St-5 Series Separator Cartridges St644fd-5 2

Separation cartridge working principle:
The separation cartridge is made of Teflon hydrophobic material after special processing, when the oil passes through the separation cartridge, the water droplets are blocked on the outside of the separation cartridge, while the oil can pass through and be discharged from the outlet.

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