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Peco/Facet Caa43-5sb Coalescing Cartridge Filter

Material: Polyester or Polypropylene
Application: Industry, Food and Beverage, Medicine, Textile
Type: Coalescing Gas Filter
Filter Connector: Flat Connector
Filtration Grade: Medium Filter
Activated Carbon Filter Type: Coalescing Natural Gas Filter

Basic Info.

Peco/Facet Caa43-5sb Coalescing Cartridge Filter 1

Product description:
When using fuels or other fluids, it is essential that they are free from particulate contamination and free water.If the fluid does not meet the required cleanliness standards , fouling and corrosion of the equipment downstream may occur, leading to expensive maintenance costs and reduced component life . In today’s environment , is also necessary to recover and recycle the waste fluids from the process . A coalescer isa device for separating immiscible liquids or liquids fro a gas stream.

Peco/Facet Caa43-5sb Coalescing Cartridge Filter 2

Working Principle:
Different liquids have different surface tension, and when the liquid flows through the small hole, the smaller the surface tension, the faster the rate of passage, when different mixed liquids flow into the separator, the first to enter the agglomerated cartridge, the agglomerated cartridge has a multi-layer filtration media, the aperture of its layer by layer increment. Due to the difference in surface tension, the oil passes through the filter layer quickly, while the water is much slower; and due to the hydrophilic material used in the coalescing filter element, tiny water droplets are adsorbed on the surface of the filter layer, thus resulting in the coalescence of water droplets. By the role of kinetic energy, small droplets compete through the openings, gradually converge into large droplets, and under the action of gravity settlement and separation of oil, through the aggregation of the oil after the filter element, there is still a smaller size of the water droplets in the inertia of the action of forward to the separation of the filter element. The separation cartridge is made of special hydrophobic material, when the oil passes through the separation cartridge, the water droplets are blocked on the outside of the separation cartridge, while the oil passes through the separation cartridge and is discharged from the outlet.

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