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PALL Replacement Coalesced Separation Cartridge

The presence of impurity “water” in chemical products (hydrocarbons) is usually a common and difficult problem to solve. Especially in chemicals containing hydrocarbons and surfactants. Often (surfactants) the use of ordinary impurity separators makes it difficult to remove impurity water. Liquid/quid agglomeration separation systems can be a good solution to this problem.
Sources of surfactants in hydrocarbons and chemical processes: -Sulfur compounds -Organic acids -Ultra treatment chemicals -Anti-static chemicals -Detergents -Corrosion inhibitors -Chemical additives

Basic information on the polymeric filtration process:
Firstly: Removal of particulate impurities.
Second: Agglomeration of free liquid impurities, so that the impurities from the free state into a normal naturally separable droplets.
Thirdly: further agglomeration and integration of droplets into naturally separable and settling impurities.
The impurity content in the medium can be less than 15ppmv (initial impurity content of 30,000ppmv), the surface tension is less than 3.0dyne/cm.

PALL Replacement Coalesced Separation Cartridge#2

Processing flow:
  1. Pre-filter stage
  Since this agglomerated filter element is a pore structure, SHENBAO suggests that a pre-filter installed upstream of the agglomerator can appropriately control the amount of particles in the liquid stream. Installing a pre-filter greatly extends the life of the agglomerator and reduces the amount of particles agglomerating in the filter unit for use. (As shown in Figure 1) (If the impurity content of the filter media is low, this treatment stage can be omitted)
  2. Agglomeration processing stage
  Pre-treated media from the inside out through the polymerisation cartridge
  3. Separation processing stage
  After the agglomeration of impurities in the media after treatment of water to free too exist, part of the natural settlement form of separation, the other part of the need to separate the cartridge processing, separation of the cartridge more hydrophobic material, so that the free state of water droplets can not pass through the separation of the purpose.

  Efficient separation of fluids and particles for continuous improvement of fluid quality. Substantial savings in fluid handling costs and extended service life of production equipment. Lower cost of separating fluids from solids, and savings in production costs by treating fluids in a single pass in an integrated process. Increased production efficiency. Adoption of pre-filtration unit can effectively extend the service life of the agglomerated separation unit.

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