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NGGC-336 PECO Filter Replacement Gas Coalescing


Coalescing filter elements, also known as air/oil separators, are used to remove water, oil vapour and other contaminants from compressed air or natural gas lines. Filter separators provide the highest level of clean compressed air and minimal pressure loss. Our agglomerated filter elements are tough enough to hold their shape under pressure and maintain an even pressure differential to avoid filter element collapse.

NGGC-336 PECO Filter Replacement Gas Coalescing 2


Filtration Medium: Aardgas, Biogas, Industrieel gas
Application: Industrial
Function: Liquid Coalescer
Flow Direction: Inside-to-Outside
Recommended changeout: 14 psi/1 bar
Max Differential pressure: 25 psi/1,7 bar
Maximum operating temperature: 240 °F/116 °C
Internal diameter: 3 inch/75 mm
External diameter: 4,4 inch/112 mm
Overall length: 36 inch/914 mm
End Cap Configuration: Open End & Blind Opposite
PH Range (continuous operation): 5 – 9
Filter Material: PEACH Polyester or Polypropylene
Seal Material: Viton, EPDM

PECO NGGC-336 Filter Cartridge Replacements are made from the highest quality materials and workmanship. This natural gas coalescing filter provides the same or better filtration performance than the original filter specification.

NGGC-336 PECO Filter Replacement Gas Coalescing 1

LEFILTER has been providing filters, cartridges and custom filtration solutions for over 15 years. We pride ourselves on providing the highest quality filtration equipment at competitive prices. Can’t find the filter cartridge you need? Contact us at +86 13525025587. From the beginning of our establishment, we have focused on customer satisfaction, fast delivery and competitive prices. When you choose LEFILTER, you are choosing a high quality replacement filter element that meets or exceeds OEM specifications at a competitive price.

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