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Natural Gas Filter Oil and Gas Filter PS-336-CC-20-LB

Constructed of 100% polypropylene or polyester. These versatile industrial filters are optimised to provide greater usable surface area, high flow rates and excellent contaminant loading capacity. End caps, media, cores and screens are thermally bonded for high compatibility with a wide range of process fluids.

Natural Gas Filter Oil and Gas Filter PS-336-CC-20-LB 1

Gas/liquid agglomerated filters are made of deeply agglomerated material for the removal of fine mists entrained in gases, such as hydrocarbon condensates. The filter media is made of ultra-fine borosilicate glass fibres with a wide range of chemical compatibility. The filter has a long service life, low pressure drop, fast drainage and can be operated under higher pressure conditions. The gas flows from the inside out and the mist is trapped. Multiple liquid mists accumulate, gradually become larger, and then turn into large liquid droplets, which are separated from the gas in the outermost layer of the filter element and quickly discharged.

Natural Gas Filter Oil and Gas Filter PS-336-CC-20-LB 2

Used in natural gas pipeline compressor stations, sub-station gathering process, installed before and after the compressor, to remove condensate and lubricating oil, to protect downstream equipment.
Avoid frequent regeneration before gas drying and adsorption towers.
Protecting pneumatic components and instruments in the instrument duct piping.
To protect gas nozzles in gas pipelines.
Pre-filtration of refinery hydrotreating unit gases, pre-filtration of coal bed methane treatment.
Prevent or reduce mist entrainment and foaming in front of ammonia/glycol towers.
Separation and recovery of operational losses of liquid ammonia and alcohol to reduce losses after ammonia/glycol towers.
Remove entrained liquid droplets before molecular sieve/drying tower to extend service life.

Natural Gas Filter Oil and Gas Filter PS-336-CC-20-LB 3

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