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Maintenance of LPFC Pall Oil Filter Unit


The oil filter trolley LPFC8314 is also called cart-type oil filter cart, which is used in the lubricating system of the feedwater pump steam turbine in the power plant. Our company has mature foreign technical experience. The oil filter and other original parts are all made of new materials. The Pall oil filter truck produced has high performance, quality and professional technical knowledge. The two can be used completely interchangeably.

Oil filter maintenance:

1. The quality of the oil filter determines the price of the oil filter, so we hope that we must pay attention when using it. The machine mainly uses mechanical filtration, and the density of the filter is gradually reduced to achieve the purpose of improving the filtration accuracy. It can be seen that during the working process of the equipment, the first stage filter is easy to be blocked by impurities, and at this time, the oil inlet is smaller than the oil outlet.
Remove the upper cover of the first stage filter, take out the filter screen, clean it with kerosene or the same type of cleaning oil, and then restore the work.

2. The noise of the oil pump increases abnormally:
1. Check whether the oil pump and the connecting shaft are concentric;
2. Whether the fastening screws are loose or fall off. All the above phenomena can be ruled out by restoring.
3. It is strictly forbidden to miss items, so as not to burn out the motor.
4. It is strictly forbidden to use the oil filter when the cover of the power reversing switch falls off, otherwise it is easy to cause electric shock accidents and cause casualties.
5. Reversal is strictly prohibited

Maintenance of LPFC Pall Oil Filter Unit#2

Reversal consequences:
(1) Reversing will cause the original suction and discharge ports to change direction, so that the pollutants in the original first-stage filter will be discharged to the fuel tank or other refueling containers to cause pollution.
(2) After turning over, the original third-stage filter element will become the first-stage filter element, so that the filter element will be easily blocked and cause no oil absorption.
(3) Repeated reversal will also aggravate the damage to the skeleton oil seal in the oil pump, resulting in oil leakage from the oil pump.

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