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LYC Oil Filter Cart For Power Plant

With the rapid development of hydraulic industrial technology, the hydraulic system parameters constantly tend to high pressure, high precision and high power, while the reliability of the hydraulic system work to put forward higher requirements, the cleanliness of the oil requirements are also increasingly high.

LYC Oil Filter Cart For Power Plant 4
Function Principle

LYC oil filter cart can be used to filter new oil before refilling, can also be used as a hydraulic lubricating oil filtration on a regular basis, mainly filtering out solid particles in the oil, to prolong the use of hydraulic components, improve the cleanliness of the system crude oil.

Containing motor-driven special gear pump, with low noise, strong self-absorption capacity, smooth operation and other characteristics, high-pressure pipeline is equipped with overflow protection device, can effectively protect the safety of the hydraulic system.

The oil filter housing adopts quick-opening structure, which can quickly and quickly open the upper cover and replace the filter element without any tools.

LYC Oil Filter Cart For Power Plant 1
Performance Characteristics

➥ Overload protection: thermal relay protection is adopted to prevent motor damage caused by motor overload.

➥ Coarse filter: the suction port coarse filter protects the oil pump and extends the service life of the main filter.

➥ Fine filter: the fine filter can be selected with different precision according to the different needs of users to achieve the required requirements.

➥ Convenient maintenance: reduce cost and easy to use and maintain.

➥ The panel is equipped with a pressure gauge: when working, it continuously indicates the operating condition of the system and the degree of contamination of the filter element.

LYC Oil Filter Cart For Power Plant 2
Areas of application

LYC oil filter cart can make the oil quickly return to the required performance, close to or reach the corresponding national standard for new oil, pollution degradation of various industrial lubricating oil purification, play a great role, and extend the maintenance cycle and service life of the equipment, reduce production costs.

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