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LYC-J Series Coalescence Dehydration Oil Filter


This machine has five filtration systems, combining precise filtration and dewatering two functions into one efficient. The introduction of the US “coalescing separation” technology for dehydration, which has high efficient dehydration, especially isadapted to the large amount of water separation from oil, dehydration ability is far better than the centrifugal method, you can get rid of all of the oil-water emulsion medium structure ; by filtration, particle filtration system,the cleanliness of the medium can be controlled in a stable state of the system requirements to ensure the cleanliness; the oil does not change the physical and chemical properties, to extend the service life of the oil; energysmall, low operating costs; excellent system configuration, continuous strong performance for online operation.


Filter new oil, fill new oil and filter, purify the oil in use, bypass filtration when the hydraulic lubrication system is working.

Equipment performance

Particulate Filter System: High-efficiency filter media filter, large filtration area design, which can effectively filter out impurities in very fine particles, so that the oil reached a high of cleanliness.
Coalescingsystem: Coalescing system consists of a set consisting of coalescing filter, which uses a unique polar molecular structure, oil free water and emulsified water through the filter after being coalesce into larger droplets,and then rely on gravity role sinking down to the water storage tank.
Separation System: Separation filter in the separation system is made by special hydrophobic material, when the oil through the filter, the waterdroplets are blocked in the outer surface of the filter, coalescing with each other by gravity until settlement to the water storage tank.
Drainage System: Separated water is stored in the water storage tank, when theheight of the interface to reach the set value, the valve opens and the water discharges, until reduced to below the liquid surface, then the valve closed and the drainage stopped.

LYC-J Series Coalescence Dehydration Oil Filter#2

Technical principle

Different liquids have different surface tensions. And when the liquid flows through the hole. The lower the surface tension. The faster it passes through. When different mixed liquids flow into the separator. First enter the coalescence filter. The coalesced filter element has a multi-layer filter medium, and its pore size increases layer by layer. Due to the difference in surface tension, the oil passes through the filter quickly, while the water is much slower. And because the coalescence filter element uses hydrophilic material, the tiny water droplets are adsorbed on the surface of the filter layer, resulting in the coalescence of water droplets. Driven by kinetic energy, small droplets race through the opening. Gradually coalesce into large droplets. And under the action of gravity settling and separating from the oil. Through the oil after coalescing the filter element, there are still small water droplets moving forward to the separation of the filter element under the action of inertia. The separation filter is made of a special hydrophobic material, and when the oil passes through the separation filter, the water droplets are kept out of the separation filter. The oil is discharged from the outlet through a separating filter.


Rated flow(L/min) 100 
Temperature (°C) 25-80
Recommended viscosity(CSt) 10-120
Rated pressure(MPa) 0.6
The original pressure loss(MPa) ≤0.01
Filtration precision before pump(μm) 100
First precision filtration accuracy(μm) 10、20、40
Secondary precision filtration accuracy(μm) 3、5、10
Voltage(V) AC 380V Three-phase power
Motor Power(kw)  2.2 
Weight(kg)  300 
Dimensions(mm)  1740*980*1450 

Product Details

LYC-J Series Coalescence Dehydration Oil Filter#3
LYC-J Series Coalescence Dehydration Oil Filter#4
LYC-J Series Coalescence Dehydration Oil Filter#5

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