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LYC-J Series Coalescence Dehydrated Oil Filter Cart

LYC-J Series Coalescence Dehydrated Oil Filter Cart

We are proud to offer you high quality, high performance agglomerated oil filters with efficient agglomerated filtration technology, reliable system design, simple operation and maintenance, high quality materials and processes for various industries such as petrochemical, machining, aerospace, marine transportation, etc. to help you optimize oil management and improve production efficiency.


This machine has five filtration systems, combining precise filtration and dewatering two functions into one efficient. The introduction of the US “coalescing separation” technology for dehydration, which has high efficient dehydration, especially is adapted to the large amount of water separation from oil, dehydration ability is far better than the centrifugal method, you can get rid of all of the oil-water emulsion medium structure ; by filtration, particle filtration system, the cleanliness of the medium can be controlled in a stable state of the system requirements to ensure the cleanliness; the oil does not change the physical and chemical properties, to extend the service life of the oil; energy small, low operating costs; excellent system configuration, continuous strong performance for online operation.

1. Particulate Filter System

High-efficiency filter media filter, large filtration area design, which can effectively filter out impurities in very fine particles, so that the oil reached a high of cleanliness.

2. Coalescing system

Coalescing system consists of a set consisting of coalescing filter, which uses a unique polar molecular structure, oil free water and emulsified water through the filter after being coalesce into larger droplets, and then rely on gravity role sinking down to the water storage tank.

3. Separation System

Separation filter in the separation system is made by special hydrophobic material, when the oil through the filter, the water droplets are blocked in the outer surface of the filter, coalescing with each other by gravity until settlement to the water storage tank.

4. Drainage System

Separated water is stored in the water storage tank, when the height of the interface to reach the set value, the valve opens and the water discharges, until reduced to below the liquid surface, then the valve closed and the drainage stopped.

Technical principle

Different liquids have different surface tension, while the liquid flows through the orifice, the smaller the surface tension, the faster the rate adopted.

When different mixing liquid into the separator, first enter the coalescing filter, coalescence filter having a multi-layer filter media, pore size is incremented step by step. Due to differences in surface tension, oil quickly pass filter layer, and the water was more slowly; and because coalescence filter uses a hydrophilic material, small particles of water is adsorbed on the surface of the filter layer resulting in coalescence of water droplets.

Effect by the kinetic energy, the droplets through the opening race, gradually merged into large droplets and oil separation with the sedimentation under gravity, through the oil after the coalescence filter, still smaller size droplets forward to the separation filter at the inertia. Separation filter by specific hydrophobic material in the oil through the separation filter, water droplets are kept outside the separation filter, and oil through the separation filter, and discharged from the outlet.

Technical Parameters

Rated flow25L/min50L/min100L/min150L/min200L/min400L/min
Rated pressure0.6Mpa
Pressure loss≤0.1Mpa
First class micron100μm
Second class micron10μm,20,μm,40μm
Third class micron3μm,5μm,10μm
VoltageThree-phase AC380V
Motor Power0.75KW1.1KW2.2KW4KW5.5KW13KW
Notes: When the medium viscosity fluid temperature is too high or low, needed to increase the heating device


  1. The purifying of turbine oil and transformer oil.
  2. The water and dust purifying of hydraulic oil lubrication system.
  3. Access hydraulic lubrication system comprehensively improve the cleanliness of the system.

Filtration Effect


Oil filters with plastic wrap, and packaed by wooden case.


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