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LYC-G Series High Solid Content Oil Filter LYC -50G


Filtration of lubricating oil with high solid content. Clarification and filtration of a large amount of lubricating oil. Regenerative Filtration of Waste Oil

Equipment performance

1. This oil purifier is especially suitable for occasions where the oil pollution is serious and the solid content in the oil is high. Especially suitable for clarification and filtration of waste oil regeneration.
2. The special filter material is used as the filter element, and the thickness of the filter layer is 10-15 times that of the general filter material. The filter efficiency is high, and it can effectively remove suspended solids, particles, rust, etc. It has a gradual diameter structure, the filter aperture is large on the outside and small on the inside, and has excellent deep filtration effect.
3. Scientific design, compact structure, can withstand high filtration pressure.
4. The unique deep mesh structure makes it have extremely high dirt-holding capacity.
5. The filter element has a single component, stable chemical performance, and good compatibility with the medium.

LYC-G Series High Solid Content Oil Filter LYC -50G #2


LYC -50G-*/**
Rated flow(L/min)  50 
Temperature (°C) 5-80
Recommended viscosity(CSt) 10-160
Rated pressure(MPa) 0.6
The original pressure loss(MPa) ≤0.1
First level coarse filtration accuracy (μm) 180,120,80
Secondary clarification filtration accuracy (μm) 5,10,20
Three-stage fine filtration accuracy (μm) 3
Voltage(V) AC 380V Three-phase power
Motor Power(kw) 1.1 
Weight(kg)  280 
Dimensions(mm)  1000*600*1080 

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