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LYC-C Box-Type Mobile Oil Filter Machine


LYC-C box-type mobile oil purifier can choose to carry the oil tank type, with a mailbox. The oil in the self-provided mailbox can be directly injected into the system after the self-circulation filtration reaches the standard. It is especially suitablefor hydraulic systems with precise components such as servo valves and proportional relief valves.


Filter new oil; Add and filter new oil; Purify oil in use; Bypass filtration when hydraulic lubrication system is working.

LYC-C Box-Type Mobile Oil Filter Machine#2
Equipment performance

1. The oil purifier adopts a special pump for high-viscosity oil, which conveys the fluid smoothly, without pulsation, low noise, small vibration, and has a strong self-priming ability.
2. It can filter a variety ofcorrosive media, especially suitable for filling and filtration of high viscosity oil.
3. Optional heating function, when the temperature is too low or the viscosity of the oil is too large, the heater can be started to heat the oil, and the maximum temperature can reach 120°C.
4. The pipeline is equipped with an overflow protection device, which can effectively protect the safety of the hydraulic system.
5. Adopt thermal relay protection to prevent motor damage caused by motor overload.
6. The oil suction port coarse filter protects the oil pump and prolongs the service life of the main filter.
7. The fine filter can choose different precisions according to the different needs of users to provide better protection for the system.
8. The oil filter housing adopts a quick-opening structure, which can quickly and quickly open the upper cover and replace the filter element without any tools.


Rated flow 40L/min 
Temperature 5-80℃
Recommended viscosity 10-160cst
Rated pressure 0.6Mpa
The original pressure loss ≤0.02MPa
First grade filtration rating 100μm
Second grade filtration rating 10、20、40μm
Third grade filtration rating 3、5、10、20μm
Voltage Three-phase AC380V Two-phase AC220V
Motor Power  1.1kw 
Weight  145kg 
Dimensions(mm)  950*560*900 

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