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LYC-B Series High-precision oil filter cart

LYC-B Series High-precision Oil Filter Cart

It is specially designed for industrial oil filtration. It adopts the most advanced filtration technology and materials, which can effectively remove impurities, water and microorganisms from the oil to ensure purity and reliability of the oil. Meanwhile, our product also adopts highly automated process and intelligent control system, which can realize high efficiency, low noise and low energy consumption production process.


High precision oil filter can be used to remove impurities and filter most common oil such as hydraulic oil, turbine oil, transformer oil, gasoline and diesel oil. This oil filter can quickly meet the requirements of ideal precision, and it is easy to move and low cost. It is an effective oil filtering equipment to control the pollution degree of hydraulic system.

  1. The oil filter consists of a motor-driven gear pump, dedicating low noise, strong self-absorption capacity, smoothie running characteristics.
  2. The high-pressure pipe with overflow protection device, which can effectively protect the safety of hydraulic system.
  3. The use of thermal relay protection to prevent motor damage caused by motor overload.
  4. The coarse filtration of suction port can protect the pump and extend the life of the main filter.
  5. The precision filter chosen by different users for different precision, and can achieve the desired results.
  6. Precision oil filtration housing with quick open structure, which can quickly open the cover and replace the filter without any tools.
  7. Pressure gauge equipped on the panel, can show the continuous indication of the degree of contamination of the system operating conditions & filter.

Technical Parameters

LYC-B Series High Precison Oil Purifier (Three Filtration&Purification Levels)
Flow rate L/min25325063100150
1st filter/μm80-100
2nd filter/μm10,20,50
Motor power/kw0.550.751.11.52.23
Inlet/OutletG1G1G1G1G1G1 1/4
Voltage/v220V2PH or 380V/50Hz 3PH



  1. New oil filtration
  2. Filling the new oil and purifying
  3. Cleaning up the oil being used
  4. Bypass filtration when hydraulic lubrication system at work
  5. Removing the water from oil system

Filtration Effect


Oil filters with plastic wrap, and packaed by wooden case.

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