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Kaydon Ci3520-P Fuel Coalescer Elements Filter C220049

Application:Industry, Food and Beverage, Medicine, Textile, Metallurgy
Type:Gas Filter
Filter Connector:Flat Connector
Filtration Grade:Medium Filter
Activated Carbon Filter Type:Compact
Kaydon Ci3520-P Fuel Coalescer Elements Filter C220049 1

Product Description:
The Kaydon Filtration CI Series Coalescer Elements are used for water separation and filtration of diesel fuel #1 and #2. The CI coalescer elements, coupled with a Kaydon Filtration separator element, provide a high degree of water removal and particle filtration.
The CI coalescer elements offer a simple and efficient solution for diesel fuel conditioning.
The CI-35XXP family of elements are a patented design utilizing multiple types of fiberglass in a pleated construction. Flow rates and efficiencies are increased over traditional fuel coalescers with the CI-3510P, 20P and 40P design.


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