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Introduction of Coalesced Separation Cartridges

Agglomerated separation cartridge in the system is used in the process is divided into:
Solid-liquid separation – emulsion breaking – agglomeration – separation – adsorption.

In the system, the larger the number of coalescing cartridge and separation cartridge, the better the effect of coalescence, the faster the speed of separation. At present, there are two kinds of water treatment cartridges have been standardised.
The agglomerated cartridge has the double functions of filtering impurities from paraffin and agglomerating water, and is an important functional element of fine filter.
Finally the clean oil is brought together by the filter element tray and flows out of the agglomerating separator by the outlet pipe. With the increase of the treated oil volume, the pollutants deposited on the filter element will cause the rise of the differential pressure of the agglomerating separator. When the differential pressure rises to 0.15Mpa, it means that the agglomerated filter element has been blocked and should be replaced. The oil flows into the primary tray from the inlet of the agglomerating separator, and then diverts to the inside of the primary cartridge, after the process of filtration, emulsion breaking, water molecule growing up and agglomerating, the impurities are retained in the primary cartridge, and the agglomerated beads are settled in the precipitation tank, and the oil enters into the secondary cartridge from the outside to the inside, and is brought together in the secondary tray, and then flows out from the outlet of the agglomerating separator. The material of the secondary filter element is hydrophobic, the oil can pass through smoothly, and the free water is blocked outside the filter element, flows into the sedimentation tank, and is discharged through the drain valve.

Introduction of Coalesced Separation Cartridges#2

The scope of application of the polymeric separation cartridge:
1, fuel, gasoline, paraffin, diesel fuel.
2、Cyclohexane, isopropanol, cycloethanol, cycloethanone, etc.;.
3, turbine oil and other low-viscosity hydraulic oil, lubricating oil.
4, other hydrocarbon compounds
5, liquefied petroleum gas, stone tar, benzene, toluene, xylene, isopropyl benzene, Polypropylbenzene, etc.

The agglomerated separator is mainly designed for liquid-liquid separation, which contains two kinds of filter elements, i.e.: agglomerated filter element and separation filter element. For example, in the oil de-watering system, after the oil flows into the agglomerated separator, it first flows through the agglomerated cartridge, which filters out the solid impurities and agglomerates the very small water droplets into larger water beads. Most of the aggregated water droplets can be removed from the oil by its own weight and settled into the water collection tank. Then the oil flows through the separation cartridge, due to the good hydrophilicity and hydrophobicity of the separation cartridge, thus further separating the water, zui finally, clean, water-free oil flows out of the agglomeration separator. Agglomerated separation cartridge is used in oil-water separation system, mainly separating oil-water mixture, suspension solution, emulsion solution and so on.

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