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Introduction of Amine Filters

The high-efficiency filtration system developed in combination with the characteristics of desulfurization devices and the use of amine solution is often used in oil, natural gas, coal chemical industry, synthetic ammonia and other chemical processes to filter and clean the pollutants existing in desulphurized amine solution. It is one of the equipments in the amine liquid purification system. The amine liquid purification system is the regeneration of the amine liquid polluted by other impurities such as thermostatic salts in the process of desulfurization and decarbonization. In fact, the rich amine liquid is heated and distilled and sent back to the adsorption tower for recycling. Conversion between rich and poor amines.

In the first stage, a washable embedded chute wire metal filter with a filtration accuracy of 25µm is used to filter the solid particles in the amine liquid system and backwash regularly to realize the regeneration of the metal filter element. In the second stage, a deep filter bed with large-capacity activated carbon combined with porous active filter material is used, which is especially suitable for the adsorption of organic substances in amine solution. The third stage adopts an ultra-fine bag filter or stainless steel metal filter element, the filtration accuracy is up to 5µm, and the remaining trace of suspended solid is retained. It is a three-stage skid-mounted equipment, which can increase or reduce the filter unit according to customer requirements, and can also realize one standby.

Introduction of Amine Filters 1

Working principle

The amine liquid tank and the filter are communicated with each other through a connecting pipeline, and the liquid flows into the inlet main pipe. The side wall of the filter is provided with an inlet pipe and an inlet valve for feeding the material to be filtered into the filter. Entering the inlet of each filter unit, the filter is provided with a screen, the filter is provided with a nitrogen access pipeline, the nitrogen access pipeline is connected to the nitrogen storage tank through the pump valve structure, and the pressure gauge is provided inside the filter and at the front end of the screen.

The liquid flows through the outer surface of the filter element from the outside to the inside, flows to the outlet of each filter unit, and then flows out after collecting into the outlet main pipe. In the process of use, the amine liquid to be filtered is injected into the filter, the particle impurities are intercepted on the outer surface of the filter element, and the accumulation of filter cake is formed. When the pressure in front of the screen reaches a certain degree, the filter inlet valve is closed, the filter is stamped with nitrogen, and the clean amine liquid inside the filter is sent to the amine liquid tank to achieve filtration. When the filter pressure difference gradually rises to a preset value (usually 1.5bar) or when the cleaning time period is reached, the valve on the filter unit’s pipe is opened for backwashing.

Product advantage

1、Large adsorption capacity: 7 to 10 times that of the traditional activated carbon filter, and easy to regenerate, at the same time, the foam-like groups in the amine solution are coarse-granulated and surface coalescence, which destroys the elastic gel layer of the foam, reduces the stability of the foam, and makes the foam break and coalescence.

2、High filtration accuracy: the accuracy can reach 5μm, overcoming the problems of low efficiency of traditional filter cloth, frequent backwashing and small amount of contamination.

3、Combined installation: hierarchical filtration, the use of efficient combined filtration device, can basically achieve the purification of amine, greatly alleviate the foaming of amine solution, reduce the loss of amine solution.

4、Long corrosion resistance life: due to the existence of heat-stable salts in the amine solution, the filter part is made of carbon steel lined rubber material or 316 material, which has good corrosion resistance.

5、Safe and reliable: the setting of the sealing ring can improve the sealing of the nozzle and the feed pipe connection, prevent the amine fluid from leaking out and polluting the environment, and protect the safety of workers.

Application industry

Backwash purification of raw oil in petrochemical hydrogenation unit

It is used to filter synthetic oil in synthetic equipment

It is used to purify high temperature gas in adsorption desulfurization of gasoline

Used to remove sulfur, ammonia atoms and metal impurities in oil refining process

It is used for purifying and filtering amine liquid in chemical gas desulfurization system to improve the efficiency of the device and reduce the consumption of amine liquid

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