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Introduction and Process Flow of Amine Filter

Amine liquid three-stage filter is a highly efficient filtration system developed in combination with the characteristics of desulfurization equipment and the use of amine liquid. It is often used in the chemical process of petroleum, natural gas, coal chemical industry, synthetic ammonia, and other chemical processes to filter and clean the pollutants existing in desulfurized amine solution.

Adopt a three-level combination form

In the first stage, a washable embedded chute wire metal filter with a filtration accuracy of 25µm is used to filter the solid particles in the amine liquid system and backwash regularly to realize the regeneration of the metal filter element.

Introduction and Process Flow of Amine Filter 1

In the second stage, a deep filter bed with large-capacity activated carbon combined with porous active filter material is used, which is especially suitable for the adsorption of organic substances in an amine solution.

The adsorption capacity is 7 to 10 times that of the traditional activated carbon filter, and it is easy to regenerate. At the same time, the foam-like groups in the amine solution are coarse-granulated and the surface coalescence is carried out to destroy the elastic gel layer formed by the foam, reduce the stability of the foam, and make the foam break and coalescence.

In the third stage, adopts ultra-fine bag filter or stainless steel metal filter element, the filtration accuracy is up to 5µm, and the remaining trace of suspended solid is intercepted, and the filter bag used is 9 times that of the traditional filter bag.

Process flow

The amine liquid tank and the filter are communicated with each other through a connecting pipeline, and the side wall of the filter is provided with an inlet pipe and an inlet valve for feeding the material to be filtered into the filter.

A screen is arranged in the filter, a nitrogen access pipeline is arranged in the filter, and the nitrogen access pipeline is connected to the nitrogen storage tank through the pump valve structure. A pressure gauge is arranged in the filter and at the front end of the screen.

In the process of use, the amine liquid to be filtered into the filter, when the pressure before the screen reaches a certain degree, close the filter inlet valve, use nitrogen to press the filter, and send the clean amine liquid inside the filter to the amine liquid tank to achieve filtration.

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