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Highest Quality Craftsmanship, Attention to Detail and Design

Our R&D team is constantly introducing new technologies and products to meet our customers’ needs. We manufacture and manage our products in strict accordance with ISO9001 standards to ensure the quality and reliability of our products.

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Lefilter is a professional manufacturer of oil filters and oil cartridges, has been committed to providing high-quality, high-performance products and services to our customers, and is a leader in the global filtration industry. We provide personalized solutions to assist our customers in solving their filtration challenges. Our service team is always available to support and assist our customers to ensure their production and operational efficiency. Lefilter has been upholding the concept of sustainable development and is committed to reducing carbon emissions, optimizing energy use, and implementing green production measures while focusing on the selection and use of materials to reduce the negative impact on the environment.

We cover the widest range of oil purification applications on the market, including:


You have high safety requirements, including corrosion resistance and the ability to handle a variety of chemicals.

Power Plant

Your equipment has to cope with the highest temperatures and pressures and be protected from wear and tear as much as possible.

Steel Mill

Being in a world of steel, there is no time to waste in maintaining ordinary filters.


Our filters provide reliable protection for your natural gas processing equipment.


Deep in the earth, there are impurities and harmful gases, we help your equipment run efficiently and last longer.


Having safe and reliable sailing allows you to make the most out of your ship.


Efficient pulp and paper production to ensure that paper is of the highest quality and that your customers are satisfied.


You can’t afford to have equipment downtime, especially when order scheduling is tight.


Our products meet the most stringent standards of cleanliness and reliability to ensure your aircraft is ready to take off.

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