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How often should Hydraulic Oil Filters be Changed?

Hydraulic oil is not common in our lives, but in some industrial workshops will often see. But the hydraulic oil is not necessarily always available, because it has a cartridge, we need to regularly replace the cartridge, but how long it takes to replace a lot of people are not clear, then we will go to understand.

1, usually when we use the hydraulic oil cartridge, the replacement cycle is generally 2000 hours to replace the cartridge and hydraulic oil return.

2, if the hydraulic oil cartridge used in steel mills, because the environment is relatively harsh, and in the replacement of the cartridge if too frequent will affect the progress of production, so it is to give advice is the need to take regular hydraulic samples, and then sent for inspection, to see how the cleanliness inside. Then go to determine a more reasonable replacement cycle to replace.

How often should Hydraulic Oil Filters be Changed 3

3, hydraulic oil cartridge in the hydraulic system mainly plays the role of filtration, it will be some solid particles and gelatinous substances can be achieved control. And is the whole process of work, the degree of pollution to a low level, and also for the safe operation of the machine to protect, and extend the service life of the machine.

But in the time of replacement, it is worth our attention is to be sure to empty all the gas, so as not to later normal use of some of the gas leads to lower quality of work. And the new oil and the old oil as far as possible do not mix together, so as to avoid future errors in the quality of work, in the actual production process can also be better to protect the relevant production, and better to carry out the relevant production and operation, on the one hand, can better protect the product, on the other hand, can also be a very good use of the experience, but also in the whole production can have better maintenance.

How often should Hydraulic Oil Filters be Changed 2

The main points to note are.

– If the filter element is clogged, the hydraulic oil flow decreases significantly, need to be replaced immediately.

– Routinely check the clarity of the hydraulic oil, if it becomes cloudy, it means that the filter element is not working.

– Replacing the filter element on time can effectively extend the service life of the hydraulic system.

– Transparent filter element can observe the dirt condition inside the filter element, which can effectively help to determine the replacement time.

If you would like to purchase our oil filtration equipment or have any questions, please feel free to contact the Lefilter team.

How often should Hydraulic Oil Filters be Changed 1

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