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High Viscosity Filter Cart 1

High Viscosity Filter Cart

The use of heavily contaminated hydraulic/gear oils without purification will seriously jeopardize the life and reliability of precision components, for which LEFILTER high viscosity oil filters have been developed. Suitable for use in a wide range of hydraulic equipment. Maximizing dirt holding capacity and preventing dirt unloading, this design is ideal for viscous fluids.


LEFILTER High Viscosity Filter Cart for high viscosity fluid filtration. Highly reliable, optional off-road heavy-duty tires are suitable for a wide range of surfaces, the easy-to-maneuver cart design with ergonomic handle helps you have access to powerful filtration when and where you need it.

  1. The oil filter includes a special motor driven by a motor, a gear pump, a heater, an electric control box, etc.
  2. Gear pump has the characteristics of low noise, strong self-priming capacity, smooth operation and so on.
  3. The high pressure pipeline is equipped with overflow protection device, which can effectively protect the safety of the hydraulic system.
  4. Thermal relay protection is used to prevent motor damage caused by motor overload.
  5. The coarse filter at the suction port protects the oil pump and prolongs the service life of the main filter.
  6. The fine filter can choose different precision according to the different needs of users to achieve the desired results.
  7. The oil filter shell adopts quick opening structure, which can quickly open the upper cover and replace the filter element without any tools. A pressure gauge is installed on the panel, which continuously indicates the operation status of the system and the pollution degree of the filter element when working.
  8. The heater and electric control box are added to filter the oil with high viscosity. On the basis of ensuring that the properties of the oil products will not be destroyed, the fluidity of the oil products is mentioned, and the filtration efficiency of the oil filter is increased.
High Viscosity Filter Cart 6
High Viscosity Filter Cart 5

Technical Parameters

High Viscosity Oil Purifier
Flow rate L/min25405063100150
Recommended viscosity(CSt)100-760
1nd filter/μm100
2nd filter/μm10,20,40
Voltage/ VThree-phase AC380V Two-phase AC220V
Voltage/v220V2PH or 380V/50Hz 3PH
Motor power/kw1.
Weight (KG)160232240265400540
High Viscosity Filter Cart 2


High Viscosity Filter Cart 4
High Viscosity Filter Cart 3


●Filtration of hydraulic Lubrication system during refueling.
●Bypass Filtration of hydraulic Lubrication system.
●Circulating Filtration before hydraulic Lubrication system is put into Operation.
●The oil of the hydraulic lubrication system is pumped out without being filtered by the pump of the equipment itself.
(Note: this machine is not suitable for flammable and explosive media such as fuel)


a. The oil filter can not filter flammable liquids such as gasoline.
b. For this oil filter, a good effect can be achieved by one filtration. if you want to achieve higher filtration precision, it should be filtered 5 times for 8 times to achieve the best filtration effect.
c. If the oil in the oil tank (or tank) is too dirty and there may be a big obstacle, it should be installed at the oil suction port.
Mesh filter protection.
d. The oil absorption and outlet pipes used should be kept clean.

High Viscosity Filter Cart 7

Filtration Effect


Oil filters with plastic wrap, and packaed by wooden case.


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1 year warranty (charge for human damaged parts)

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