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High Vacuum Transformer Insulation Oil Filter Machine

Transformer oil filter is also known as transformer oil vacuum filter. As the power industry for the filtration of transformer insulating oil special equipment, is the power industry is more commonly used for the filtration of transformer insulating oil purification equipment.

Application of vacuum drying principle, separation engineering, precision filtration technology and adsorption refining technology development and production. Purification and treatment of serious deterioration of insulating oil and other low-viscosity lubricating oil ideal oil filter equipment. It can not only degas, dehydrate, remove impurities, but also has the function of removing free carbon, decolorization, acid removal and dielectric loss in insulating oil, and restoring the performance of oil. So that the water content, gas content, PH value, acid value, etc. in the treated oil are in line with the operational requirements and standards.

Vacuum transformer insulating oil filter can be applied to various industries and scenes, including:

High Vacuum Transformer Insulation Oil Filter Machine 1

1, can be used to all kinds of oil-immersed transformers, oil-immersed flow transformers and high-voltage oil circuit breakers, to carry out on-the-spot oil-water separator and oil replenishment.

2、It can be used to carry out on-the-spot hot oil circulation drying for the above machines and equipments, especially for the oil-immersed electric flow, mutual inductors and high-voltage less oil circuit breakers, on-the-spot hot oil circulation drying is more reasonable.

3、It can be used to carry out on-the-spot vacuum oiling and replenishment of sealed oil-immersed machinery and equipment, as well as vacuuming of machinery and equipment.

4、It can also be used to carry out regeneration and purification of insulating oil with mild deterioration, so that its performance indexes can reach the standard of qualified oil.

High Vacuum Transformer Insulation Oil Filter Machine 2

Specific to the project, for example, large-scale power transmission systems, thermal power plants, hydroelectric power plants, nuclear power plants and other power generation facilities, high power-consuming industrial manufacturing facilities, such as steel mills, aluminum smelters, chemical plants and so on. These plants consume so much power that they usually have more than one oil filter.

The new energy field that has emerged in recent years is no exception, such as wind turbines and solar panels, filtering transformer insulating oil and improving its efficiency.

There are also certain computer data centers that ensure that the transformers in those high-power computing systems work stably and run continuously.

Lefliter offers high vacuum transformer oil filters with excellent filtration, simple operation and easy maintenance, if you are interested in our products, please contact us!

High Vacuum Transformer Insulation Oil Filter Machine 3

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