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Faudi Separator Filter Cartridge 60.644-820/D

Material: PTFE Coated Screen
Application: Industry
Type: Separation Filter
Filter Connector: Flat Connector
Filtration Grade: Medium Filter
Activated Carbon Filter Type: Separation Filter

Basic Info.

Faudi Separator Filter Cartridge 60.644-820/D#2
Equivalent Peco Facet St611fd-5 Separator Cartridge Filter Element 2

Product Description:
Coalescer cartridges are employed as the first stage in filter/separator vessels for hydrocarbon fluids.
They perform two functions:
(1) coalesce (combine) highly dispersed, emulsified water particles into larger water drops and
(2) filter-out particulate contaminants.

What is the working principle of the separation cartridge?
The working principle of the separation cartridge is mainly through the filtering effect of the filter media to complete the separation.
Liquid with impurities enters through the inlet of the cartridge.
Inside the cartridge there are several layers of filter paper or filter material with different pore sizes, which are filtered one by one from the outside to the inside.
When the filtrate passes through each layer of filter paper, according to the selection of the pore size of the filter paper, the larger impurity particles cannot pass through the current layer of pore size and are isolated on the surface of the filter paper.
The impurities smaller than the pore size of the layer can follow the flow and continue to pass through the inner layer of filter paper filtration.
In this way, after multiple layers of filtration, the outer layer of impurities gathered more and more large, the inner layer of filtration out of the liquid lock is more and more high.
Eventually most of the impurities accumulated in the outer layer of filter paper to form a cake, which can be removed by the cleaning of the filter cartridge.
And the liquid through the inner layer of filter paper has been fully separated from the impurities, become clear out of the filtrate.

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