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Explosion Proof Type Oil Purifier

Explosion Proof Type Oil Purifier

Explosion-proof vacuum oil filter is designed for use in flammable and explosive environments such as petroleum, chemical, petrochemical, coal mine, metallurgy and power plant. The heating system, electric control system, motor, solenoid valve and other electrical parts are of explosion-proof type, and the explosion-proof grade is ExdII BT4, ExdII CT4, which can be adapted to the needs of various hazardous levels. It is suitable for the regeneration and purification of turbine oil, refrigerator oil, hydraulic oil, lubricating oil and other oils.


When the oil filter works, the oil that needs to be filtered enters the heater under the external atmospheric pressure and vacuum pump, and the heated oil passes through the strong magnetic filter, and the metal particles and large particles of impurities are filtered out.

  1. Super dehydration and degassing system can efficiently and rapidly remove water, gas and light hydrocarbons from the oil.
  2. Precise multi-stage filtration system can effectively remove impurities in the oil, and configure the filter element contamination automatic detection function.
  3. Advanced automatic constant temperature control system, automatic liquid level control system, automatic pressure protection system and excellent configuration to ensure high performance operation.
  4. On-line oil filtration, unmanned operation, the operation status is displayed by the indicator.
  5. Humanized design of the machine, low noise, easy operation, long maintenance interval, low energy consumption, saving operating costs.
  6. The whole machine is equipped with interlocking safety protection, oil and heating system interlocking, to avoid the adverse effects of misoperation.
  7. There is a filter element replacement indicator, filter element saturation stop device.
  8. There is a leakage, overload load shutdown device to protect the motor.
Explosion Proof Type Oil Purifier 4
Explosion Proof Type Oil Purifier 5

Technical Parameters

Rated pressure0.6MPaRated flow100L/min
Media viscosity10-160CST(20℃)Coarse filtration precision100um
Primary fine filtration50umSecondary fine filtration3-30um
Weight95KGFilter element materialGlass fiber, metal mesh
Rated power1.1KWTemperature80℃
Power supply voltage380V,220VOverall Dimension710X500X1000
Explosion Proof Type Oil Purifier 1

Optional mode

Explosion Proof Type Oil Purifier 3
Explosion Proof Type Oil Purifier 2


The structure of the whole machine can be made into mobile, fixed, trailer type (half-axle or full-axle), fully enclosed, eaves type, canvas shed, open type. Water ring vacuum pump is optional.

Explosion Proof Type Oil Purifier 7
Explosion Proof Type Oil Purifier 6

Filtration Effect


Oil filters with plastic wrap, and packaed by wooden case.


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