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Equivalent Coalescer Filter Cartridges CAA43-5SB Aviation Filter

Material: Fiber Glass
Application: Industry, Medicine, Textile, Metallurgy
Type: Oil Filter
Filter Connector: Flat Connector
Filtration Grade: Medium Filter
Activated Carbon Filter Type: No

Basic Info:
Structure: one open with screw base, another blind with rod
End caps: nylon engineering plasctic
Supporting core: carbon steel punched-plate snd spray with plastic net
Material:multi-layer pleated media & fiberglass
Filtration accuracy: 1micron (optional)
Outer cover: cotton
Gaskets: Buna-N
Dimensions: OD=152mm (6inches), ID=89mm (3.5inches), Length =43inches
Max. differential pressure: 25psid
Max. temperature: 240 ºF (115°C)

Product Description:
Facet CAA Series 5 coalescer cartridges offer the finest performance available. This standard line of high flow coalescer cartridges removes ultra-fine solids and enhances separation of water from jet fuel.
The Facet coalescer separator housings equipped with CAA Series 5 coalescer and companion separator cartridges have been tested and fully qualified to meet the performance requirements of API Bulletin 1581, Fifth Edition, Category C, Type S. (Category C replaces the previous class A, B, and C of API-1581 3rd Edition.)
Built for balanced fluid flow-thru and structural strength, each CAA Series 5 coalescer cartridge is a single-piece construction of various combined media, precisely arranged in many layers and pleats, wrapped around a treated, perforated metal center tube – all encased in an outer sock material. All are 6″ OD (152 mm) by 3 1/2″ ID (89 mm) and available in standard interchangeable nominal lengths in increments from 11 1/4″ (290 mm) to 57 1/4″ (1450 mm).
The CAA Series 5 coalescer cartridges are available in two cartridge mounting styles: self-centering rod mount and screw base. The rod mount style has treated metal end caps, while the screw base ends are injection molded, glass-filled nylon. This screw base material offers superior strength and ease of maintenance – uniform threads, no shrinkage, no galling and no gasket to recover.

Standard Design Features:
• Multi-layered media for increased solids holding capacity
• Ultra-fine solids removal
• Maximum water coalescence
• Balanced cartridge flow characteristics
• Recommended maximum operating temperature: 240°F (115oC)
• Withstands in excess of 75 psi differential pressure
• PH range from 5 to 9
• Screw base or open-end configuration

• All metal components are treated against corrosion
• Screw base ends are injection molded, glass-filled nylon with locked-in gaskets
• Buna-N gaskets-other materials are available on request

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