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Differences Between Coalescing and Dewatering Cartridges and Cleaning Frequency

Differences between coalescing and dewatering cartridges?

Concentrated cartridge and dewatering cartridge are two different types of cartridges, the main differences are as follows.
Different working principles
1. Agglomerated cartridge relies on adhesion to filter dirt, which accumulates on the surface of the cartridge.
2. Dewatering cartridge separates the turbid liquid into clear liquid and dirt by centrifugal force, and the dirt is filtered out of the water flow.
Different scope of application
1.Agglomerated cartridge is suitable for the primary filtration of clear water, such as household drinking water filtration.
2. Dewatering cartridge is suitable for secondary filtration with poor water quality, such as pretreatment of industrial wastewater.
Different filtration effect
1. Agglomerated cartridge can filter small particles, but the filtration efficiency is low.
2. Dewatering cartridge can separate solid dirt through centrifugal action with high efficiency and good filtration effect.
Different cleaning methods
1. Agglomerated cartridge is usually rinsed with water to remove surface dirt.
2. Dewatering cartridge needs to be completely disassembled to clean the internal conduit and filter.

Differences Between Coalescing and Dewatering Cartridges and Cleaning Frequency#2

How does the cleaning frequency of a dewatering cartridge differ from that of a coalescing cartridge?

1.Cleaning frequency
Polymerisation cartridge cleaning frequency is generally 3 months – 1 year, depending on the water quality and workload.
Dewatering cartridge cleaning frequency is higher than the polymerisation cartridge, generally need to be cleaned every month or two or three months.
Agglomerated cartridge mainly relies on surface adhesion filtration, dirt accumulation rate is slow.
Dewatering cartridge through the centrifugal filtration efficiency, dirt accumulation rate is fast, the amount of dirt per unit of time.
2. Inspection cycle
Agglomerated cartridge can be checked once in a while.
Dewatering cartridge needs to be checked more frequently (once a week), once the water throughput drops need to be cleaned in time.
3. Difficulty of cleaning
Aggregate filter element cleaning is simple, rinse with water.
Dewatering cartridge disassembly cleaning is difficult, need to clean the internal media and filter.

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