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Coalesced Filter Element PA155.848 Z1202846

Brand Lefilter
Model No. Polymeric filter element: PA155.848 Z1202846
Filter material Primary felt, glass fibre
Application area Aviation paraffin
Filtration accuracy 1-25μm
Nominal pressure 0.02MPA

Product Description of Coalesced Filter Element PA155.848 Z1202846:
Agglomerated filter element PA155.848 Z1202846 Agglomerated separation cartridge is used in oil-water separation system, mainly separating oil-water mixtures, suspension solutions, emulsion solutions and so on, Agglomerated separation cartridge is divided into the use of the process in the system:Solid-liquid separation – emulsion breaking – agglomeration – separation – adsorption.
In the system, the larger the number of coalescing cartridge and separation cartridge, the better the effect of coalescence, the faster the speed of separation. At present, there are two kinds of water treatment cartridge has been standardised production.
The agglomerated cartridge has the dual functions of filtering impurities from aviation paraffin and agglomerating water, and is an important functional element of the fine filter. It can meet the needs of various fine filters used in fixed mobile oil filling facilities.

Coalesced Filter Element PA155.848 Z1202846

Technical Parameters
Agglomerated Filter Element PA155.848Z1202846 Product Description: Agglomerated Filter Element PA155.848Z1202846 is used in the oil de-watering system, the oil flows into the Agglomerated Separator and then flows through the Agglomerated Filter Element, which removes the solid impurities and agglomerates the very small droplets of water into larger water.

Performance characteristics
1、With multi-layer composite structure of filter paper, high filtration precision.
2, carefully set and specially treated glass fibre layer, good effect of agglomeration.
3、High flow density and reduced fine filter size.
4、Large dirt-holding capacity and long service life.
5、Complete specification varieties, can meet the needs of various fine filters.

Working Principle
In the system, the larger the ratio between the number of agglomerating filter elements and separating filter elements, the better the effect of agglomerating and the faster the speed of separation.

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