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BLYJ Series Portable Oil Filter Cart


Refueling and regular maintenance of the hydraulic lubrication system, bypass filtration when the hydraulic lubrication system is working.

BLYJ Series Portable Oil Filter Cart
Equipment performance

1. This oil purifier is an ultra-portable refueling and oil purifier developed by our company.
2. This machine is easy to carry, and can fill various hydraulic lubrication equipment and purify the oil anytime and anywhere in the field.
3 The coarse filter at the oil suction port protects the oil pump and prolongs the service life of the main filter.
4. The fine filter can choose different precision according to the different needs of users to achieve the required results.


BLYJ -16-*/**
Rated flow  10 L/min 
Temperature 6-80℃
Recommended viscosity 10-160cst
Rated pressure 0.4Mpa
The original pressure loss ≤0.02MPa
Filtration fineness of the first stage before the pump 40μm
Filtration fineness of the second stage after the pump 3、5、10、20、40μm
Voltage Three-phase AC380V Two-phase AC220V
Motor Power  25kw 
Weight  16kg 
Dimensions(mm)  400x200x510 

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