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Amine Filter Performance Characteristics

Amine liquid purification is a prerequisite to ensure efficient and stable operation of the desulfurization system. In order to ensure the purification effect of amine liquid, the solid particles and hydrocarbon substances in the amine liquid must be filtered.

The main factors affecting the filtration effect of the amine solution are the filtration method, media and flux, while the difficulty lies in how to ensure and improve the continuous and stable operation of the system and reduce the maintenance cost.

Lefilter amine filter can effectively filter the impurities in amine and help your production to run stably. It has the following characteristics:

High filtration accuracy

The accuracy can reach 5μm, which overcomes the problems of low efficiency, frequent backwashing and small amount of contamination of traditional filter cloth.

Amine Filter Performance Characteristics 1

Modular installation

Hierarchical filtration, the use of efficient combined filtration device, can basically achieve the purification of amine, greatly alleviate the foaming of amine solution, reduce the loss of amine solution.

Long corrosion resistance life

Due to the presence of heat-stable salts in the amine solution, the filter part is made of carbon steel lined with rubber, which has good corrosion resistance.

Safe and reliable

The setting of the sealing ring can improve the sealing of the connection of the nozzle and the feed pipe, prevent the amine fluid from leaking out and polluting the environment, and protect the safety of workers.

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